With Kawaki's arrival at Leaf Village, the new story arc of Boruto: Naruto the next generations leads the audience into a spectacular battle. Will the Hokage be able to keep his word and defend his village and ship from attacks by the Kara organization?

Kawaki was taken into custody by the seventh Hokage, who is reflected in him, and welcomed to the home of Uzumaki. Despite a bad reception and the difficult coexistence with Boruto, the two boys slowly begin to respect each other, driven by the desire to discover What karma actually is and how to suppress one's powers.

To get more information about the mysterious seal, the Hokage organizes group training with his boys in episode 196 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. Once again, the protagonist will have the opportunity to show his father how much he has grown. However, Boruto is not yet able to activate karma at will and only the response with Kawaki helps him.

As expected by Weekly Shonen Jump, the next episode, number 197, will continue the sparring. However, this time Naruto will stay on the sidelines, they will face each other Boruto and Kawaki. Will the vessel use their greater experience with karma to assert themselves?

In episode 198 with the title "Monster" the leaf village becomes one hit hard by the Kara organizationreturned to attack to recover the ship. To show off, we're going to find Delta this time, but it's hampered by Naruto.

From episode 199 we only know the title "Overload" at the moment. This makes it easy to imagine Delta "overloading" its potential to try Take the Hokage down and bring Kawaki back to Jigen.

Meanwhile, Naruto has been named the best father to Boruto and the anime world. Here's why.

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