In the new story of the anime by Boruto: Naruto the next generations Members of the Kara organization are taking their first steps towards their mysterious goal. However, among the group's interns there may be an infiltrator who is willing to betray the other comrades.

After the fiery defeat of the Leaf's ninja that led to Deepa's disappearance, Victor had tried to betray Jigen steal some important information and move the enigmatic ship in its airship. But when this was apparently kidnapped, Kara's leader had the senior intern killed. Apparently, however, he's not the organization's traitor.

Jigen entrusted the task Find the group spy to Amado, who initiated the investigation from Delta and Code. But the two seem to deserve full trust and ask Boro a few questions.

Boro appears in front of his companions by hologram and mocks them. He explains that he and not Kashin Koji should be responsible for recovering the ship. This weird behaviour Amado's suspicions, who appear to be convinced he is Kara's traitor, are reinforced. But is Boro really the rebel of the Kara organization? The enemy of episode 184 of Boruto leaves fans breathless. All Might of My Hero Academia voice actor joins Boruto's Kara organization.

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