In the latest story arc of Boruto We witnessed the fighting against two members of the Otsutsuki clan. Momoshiki's actions in particular have seriously harmed Sasuke, who appears to have permanently lost most of his skills.

After Isshiki's defeat Momoshiki took advantage of Boruto's karma to take possession of his body and attack the member of the Uchiha clan who inflicted a wound on him where the man lost the use of the Rinnegan. Chapter 55 of the play seems to confirm that the ninja's abilities were forever limited, but what are the odds that it really is?

To answer this question we need to remember how the opening chapters of the series showed us one thing Clash between the protagonist and KawakiBoth are endowed with karma and are in a largely destroyed leaf village. We know that sooner or later the narrative has to come at this point and if it was initially assumed that the death of the most experienced shinobi, currently considerably weakened with Sasuke, and Naruto's farewell to Kurama that took place on the Boruto pages, it does not seem longer to be necessary to tell such a terrible fate for such characters.

It is possible that Sasuke will regain his powersHowever, if not in a short period of time, this would diminish the significance of the terrible clash with the Otsutsuki clan.

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Finally, I remember wondering if on the Boruto pages the hunters can really die.

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