After leaving us with the escape of Kawaki who decided to leave Konoha for the sake of his loved ones, the manga is from Boruto: Naruto the next generations is about to have a great new event. Chapter 62 leads readers to what appears to be the final showdown between Kara and the Leaf.

In the chapter that can be read for free on Shueisha's digital platform, the protagonist tries to convince his father of this Kawaki's escape. However, Naruto doubts the veracity of his son's words as he believes it is a seedy plan by the two boys to escape and collide with code.He tells the truth and immediately begins Kawaki's research.

Kawaki has long since moved away from the walls of the Leaf Village and is on a lonely escape in the forest. But suddenly is connected by codewho, led by Eida, used the claw marks to transport himself near him.

When Code asks why he foolishly left Konoha, Kawaki replies that he actually intended to look for him. The former owner of Karma actually has a request. offer his life in return, asks Kawaki Code to leave Konoha and its residents alone, he is the only person responsible for the murder of Isshiki Otsutsuki. However, Code denies that anyone linked to the murder of their beloved teacher should pay with their death.

The only one who just can't be killed is Kawaki as someone is planning to meet him. When the two want to disappear through a claw trail, Boruto suddenly appears, who pushes Code away with one kick. stands between him and Kawaki. As the first spoilers of Chapter 63 suggest, the decisive battle begins. We leave you with 5 curiosities about Sasuke.

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