The return of Ao, the village of fog shinobi who played a very important role during the fourth ninja world war, brought the story of Boruto and his companions to reassess the importance of the tools to be used in combat, and most importantly, not to immediately trust such personalities.

First portrayed as a hero and war veteran in the eyes of the protagonist, Ao has actually turned out to be a traitor to his villageand a member of the Kara organization who has been following in Team 7's footsteps for some time. Fortunately, Boruto is now able to work out plans very quickly. The young ninja seems to have found Ao's weak point.

"In order to defeat the powerful enemy Ao, Boruto thought about it A strategy that uses a ninja device! What will happen in this deadly confrontation between Team 7 and Ao? " Indeed, while Boruto has always shown some aversion to instruments, it has in recent episodes deeply impressed by Katasuke's inventionsincluding a lightsaber powered by the user's chakra.

Ao's abilities remain legendary, especially his ability to counter the Byakugan. However, Boruto seems to have understood that it is the opponent's body characterized by several cybernetic enhancements that can easily be ignored by using a specific tool created by the protagonist himself.

We also remember that Kawaki's fate emerged from the recap of Episode 189, and we leave you to the recent revelations Ao made himself.

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