Momentarily away from the forced coexistence between Boruto, Kawaki, Eida and Daemon, in chapter 75 of the manga, Masashi Kishimoto put in an incredible amount of information. However, Amado, a former Kara scientist and still not entirely reliable for Konoha, may have said too much.

Amado explains the origins of Kawaki, Code, and Eida's powers, and quickly traces the story of a member of the Otsutsuki clan, the legendary Shibai, to then talk about a new type of jutsu never heard before in the series, Shinjutsu, a set of techniques at a practically divine level. Amado approached studying these skills to find a way to bring his daughter back to lifeand managed to do this by cloning.

However, the results were not as expected, and when Amado was approached by Jigen from the Kara, Isshiki, who wanted to take advantage of the scientist's knowledge, the latter tried another way to get his daughter back, and that's where Kawaki comes in. In fact, Amado would have implanted the karma back into the boy to harness his powers and still pursue that unfulfilled desire. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we make you discover how Ninjutsu was born and the words of the screenwriter for the beginning of the new arc in Boruto's anime.

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