While the Kara organization threatened the ninja world, Momoshiki Otsutsuki sleepily waited for the right moment. Now Isshiki is gone and that Boruto he escaped his friends, broke the seal of karma, and made an explosive entrance. In chapter 65 of the sequel, the protagonists are in great danger!

In the midst of the conflict with code, Boruto yes collapses to the ground under Kawaki's worried eyes. Girded around his chest, the son of the Seventh Hokage has a vision Momoshiki Otsutsukiwho stayed in the shadow of the karma seal is ready to return. Suddenly the others present witness the rise of Borushiki.

Apparently it is Drugs that amado he was preparing to prevent the heavenly being from returning and served no purpose. Although Boruto did not exhaust the chakra available to him, Momoshiki actually managed to take possession of his body. Back in action, the antagonist has a very specific plan.

First, he throws himself into the attack of Code, which carries out the wish of his master Isshiki: Otsutsuki in the victim to the ten tails to receive the fruit of the chakra. When Naruto and Shikamaru intervene, Momoshiki changes her mind and decides to ally with the last Kara.

With the Hokage's assistant held hostage by Code, Momoshiki decides to take on his side. On the other hand, Naruto is also a nuisance for him, as he had previously been defeated by the hero of Konoha with the contribution of Sasuke and Boruto.

Will the protagonist manage to break his curse and save his friends from Momoshiki's anger? We leave you up to the new Boruto 65 Jutsu, which seems to be inspired by one of the anime series, and the Boruto 66 release date and theories.

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