At the end of the fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki that brought Naruto and Sasuke to their knees, Konoha's ninja had to go through a long process of reorganization. In the meantime, the last intern from the Kara organization was able to look for reinforcements. The final fight will break out in next chapter from Boruto?

With Kuramas Seventh Hokage Private and Sasuke Uchihas Rinnegan, the Leaf Village has to do now Trust in the new generationwhose leaders are Boruto and Kawaki. The two boys have vowed to permanently stop the threat from the Kara organization and permanently lift the karma seal that threatens the life of Naruto's eldest son.

However, Kawaki seems very undecided about his future. Isshiki Otsutsuki's ship is in the balance between wanting to stay close to the Hokage and his new family and wanting to leave the village to protect them. Kawaki is aware that this is not his true home and that the people of Konoha view him with suspicion, but on the other hand he has only brought disasters since arriving inside the walls of the leaf.

TO save him from the abyss It was the Seventh Hokage who claimed he was his son and that the doors of the Uzumaki house were open. If Kawaki doesn't feel accepted, he would fail in the role of Hokage.

This situation could resolve itself in the course of the next chapter. As evidenced by the leaked pages of Chapter 61, Kawaki will finally catch up make his decision: Will he leave Konoha or will he stay with his new family?

In the meantime, Code has managed to recruit Ada and Daemon and is now ready to avenge the death of his master. In Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations chapter 61, out on August 18, 2021 on MangaPlus, the last inside of Kara will start the dances by moving towards the enemies. Is the decisive battle ahead? In the meantime, a focus here is on Boruto 60.

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