After the battle against Isshiki, which not only brought unexpected events for the Hokage and Sasuke, it is time for our heroes to study the next counter moves, as the worst is not over yet. Before that the new chapters of Boruto: Naruto the next generations they deepen the characterization of the characters.

Naruto has really bonded with Kawaki and Masashi Kishimoto he wanted to focus all his attention on the relationship between the young ninja and the seventh Hokage's family in order to build a place he could call "home". It is therefore a company that Naruto has taken very seriously, as it too has faced something very similar to the Leaf Village in the past.

In fact, during one of their conversations, the Hokage reveals to him what essentially his goal is now: End this hate cycle which has hampered the childhood of many young people for too long. If Naruto couldn't make Kawaki feel at home in his village, then anything he worked for as Konoha's leader was useless and consequently there would be no point in becoming Hokage. An extraordinary meaning that further clarifies why Naruto took this path and why Kawaki is so important to him in reality.

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