Boruto 51: What Kawaki’s inner conflict will lead to after the recent events

The latest developments in the series Boruto led to an intense confrontation between Boruto, Sasuke and Isshiki in Jigen's body that required timely intervention from the Seventh Hokage and was ready to sacrifice himself to save Konoha and her son with a new transformation. Amado then revealed some information that impressed Kawaki.

Since the first appearance of the karma It was a very interesting aspect in the adventures of the young ninja of Konoha, and he played a fundamental role in the growth of Kawaki's powers, for which he is the only way to defend himself during face-to-face combat. The plan to stop Isshiki OtsutsukI foresee his separation from karma, and that seems very troubling to Kawaki.

While Sasuke and Boruto are in a very complicated situation, Naruto managed to find them after they accepted a special agreement with Kurama and after taking a form never seen before on the series, Amado connects with others and explains Isshiki's true plans and the importance of the karma brands, surprising Kawaki, torn between doing the right thing and giving up of karma to stop the Otsutsuki or hold this power.

Strictly speaking, this could be a fundamental event connected to the flash forward we saw at the beginning of the serieswhere Boruto and Kawaki competed in a ruined Konoha. We remember that the fate of Naruto may already have been written, and we leave it to the fans' reactions to the final chapter.

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