The current original anime saga moving forward Boruto: Naruto the next generations is about to reach a turning point after a few introductory episodes into the events. Kawaki's secret mission is just one step away from failure. Will a tragic diplomatic crisis erupt in Leaf Village?

We witnessed the preparations for the school festival in Boruto 267. In the next episode of the Studio Pierrot-produced anime, the The play is nearing its premiere, which causes fear in all young students. However, it seems that something much more serious is about to happen.

Despite being the princess of her country and having spoken to her people several times, Kae worries about making a bad impression. Trying to support her in the Boruto 268 preview Kawaki promises to defend her at all costs. But what does the genin refer to on a mission for the Seventh Hokage?

In the previous episode, a mysterious one Killer had tried to eliminate Kae. Kawaki was only able to thwart this murder for a few moments. Apparently, the ruler of Bamboo Land wants to abdicate and put power in the hands of his daughter. However, this decision of the ruler does not seem to have been digested by some of his associates. They actually organized a conspiracy to eliminate Kae without a trace and bring his brother to the throne. Is there really a murderer among the students? It will be Kae school festival goal.

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