After the paranormal adventure of Boruto 264, in the next episode number 265, the students of the ninja academy will return to participate in the classes. This time the teacher Hana will put aside the boring theory class to organize one field practice lesson: The challenge between the boys of the academy is open!

In the episode that airs Sunday September 4th on Crunchyroll, Himawari and friends have to close their school books and face a challenge on the field. Curiously, Kawaki is reluctant to the idea.

Hana-sensei has decided that the practice test it is conducted with a division into teams to increase the boys' sense of harmony. Kawaki is split by Kae, the princess of Bamboo Land, which she must protect in top secret. Waiting for the episode, here are the progress on Boruto 266-268.

Separated from what he now considers his friend, Kawaki is deeply concerned about the fate of his mission. However, protecting Kae outside of the Ninja Academy will be impossible for him Kawaki can count on Himawari's helpbecame aware of the task assigned by the Hokage himself.

During Himawari Watch Kae, Kawaki has to learn team play with his other young classmates with whom he has never had a relationship. The end of the video preview of Boruto 265, on the other hand, sees little Uzumaki and the Princess of the Country of Bamboo in surprise imminent danger.

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