The war between the pirate clan Funato and the Village of Mist has been going on for too long and given the countless deaths that have been caused, Boruto has decided to end it once and for all. However, the only way to get both sides to lay down their arms is to accept the pain and hatred that has arisen.

In Boruto 253, Team 7 has finally reached the ship housing Ikada, who inherited the title Leader of the pirate army from his father Araumi Funato. The boy who once dreamed of building his own ship has definitely changed and the words of his old friends have no effect. As a sentence, he will only lay down his arms in exchange for the Mizukage's life.

Chojuro Will Not Sacrifice: In episode 254, Boruto is willing to die for peace. Despite Sarada and Mitsuki trying to get him to change his mind, Boruto is adamant in his decision and asks his teammates not to respond to his sacrifice in any way. without resisting he lets himself be beaten wildly by a pirate gang.

After some moving speeches about the true meaning of revenge, Boruto voluntarily plunges into the stormy ocean. Mitsuki and Sarada, mocked by the pirates, visit the Death of team member 7.

Ikada, amazed at the Courage of the three ninja of the leaf, comes to his senses and mastering the waters with a sea dragon saves Boruto's life, just like before. The leader of the Funato is now determined to end the war, but his father doesn't believe in it. Aboard the Mobile Fortress, Araumi is about to hit Shinonome-1 with the Chakra Cannon. Finally, Kawaki intervenes, the Cut the pirate's throat and end the war finally.

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