The current original story arc of Boruto: Naruto the next generations caused the main protagonist to doubt his actions and beliefs. Indeed, the terrifying death toll at the Battle of the Land of Water profoundly changes the Seventh Hokage's son, who is now ready to give up his weapons.

Discovering the hidden side of the enemy in Boruto 249 brought Team 7's blonde ninja into a crisis. Not only did Boruto discover that Funamushi had done it spared the lives of Denki and Iwabei, but he, accused by Funato's young son Kobuna of being a murderer, has understood that there is no good or evil in war.

Boruto's inner events are being put aside since, as we see from the Episode 250 preview, the spotlight will be on Ikada. Throughout this time, the ship's carpenter who saved Boruto's life has stayed by his older sister Seiren's side. The girl was badly injured in the clash with Kagura and Boruto and has been in a coma ever since.

However, Ikada is called back by his father Araumi. The leader of the Funato demands that he distance himself from Seiren and do his bit Fight against the ninja of the village of mist. In episode 249, Boruto discovered that Ikada is a Funato, but will the two really manage to fight each other, or will they end this war together?

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