Sequence after sequence of the ship's bow from Boruto: Naruto the next generations slowly leads viewers to meet Kawaki. If we saw him embroiled in a great fight on his debut, we now discover more and more about his mysterious and dark past.

During the fight with Garo, a monstrous outsider of Kara, we saw that Kawaki had been taken hostage by the criminal group Since childhood. But why did what seemed like just a kid spark so much interest in Jigen? The next part of the animated series entitled "The Past" shows the first date between Kara's leader and her ship.

As can be seen from the preview posted on Twitter by user Abdul_S17, episode 192 of Boruto is set to bring viewers back to life Kawaki's childhood. ""Don't look down on my father! My father is honest! Good person! You don't know anything about him so stop talking behind his back. "yells a little Kawaki as the Kara organization theme plays in the background.

who was Kawaki's father and why did everyone seem to despise him? But above all, why did you leave him? The preview clip then ends with an emblematic jigen. "I bet you've suffered a lot. You did well. But it's all over now.". The suffering and sadness of the little Kawaki would have convinced Kara's leader to give him the karma seal, which was also Boruto's possession.

The episode will air on March 28th on Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, the poster for the new Boruto story arc anticipates the next events. The latest episode of Boruto featured Kawaki's unreleased page.

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