The return of the anime from bleaching He brought Tite Kubo's work back into the limelight with the final saga of the Thousand Year War between the Shinigami and Quincy. This has prompted longtime fans and even the new generations to seek clarification directly from the master on issues not directly addressed in the manga.

Specifically regarding the ending of the manga, which then continues in the special chapter released in 2021, and the surprise of seeing Ichigo and Orihime Married with one child, a fan asked Kubo via KlubOutside's Q&A section when the two began to approach each other from a sentimental point of view. β€œThe two started dating when Ichigo was already a university studentand subsequently deepened the bond as they became adults with a job", this is how Kubo commented before delving into the decision that led him to omit this detail from the manga.

"Well, considering Bleach isn't a sentimental mangaRomance is treated as an additional component. That's why I don't want to deepen the relationships between other characters, although this interest of readers pleases me". What do you think of Tite Kubo's words? As usual, let us know in the comments.

Finally we leave you the sales data of the Bleach manga and the synopsis of the first saga of the series.

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