How Ichigo tries to recover after the heated, albeit brief, battle with Her Majesty Yhwach in episode 1x11 of Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War A flashback dedicated to the protagonist's parents was shown. One sequence in particular illuminates their first meeting.

Wait and see how it goes Ichigo's training time, guided by the awareness that he must understand himself more deeply in order to repair his Zanpakutuo, a leap into the past has revealed fundamental details about the Kurosaki family. The episode shows isshin went to the city of Karakura to investigate the deaths of several Shinigami. The culprit of the unsolved murders is revealed to be Sosuke Aizen, who, intending to conduct hollowing experiments, brings a shinigami back to life and transforms it into a powerful hollow that attacks Isshin.

However, during the fight he enters the scene Masaki, who doesn't hesitate to show off his Quincy skills, who managed to knock down the hollow with a single punch. This is how Ichigo's parents meet for the first time, team up and have each other's backs. Although Masaki was concerned about revealing his nature as Quincy, Isshin has not shown the slightest hate or resentment for what happened. That deep connection between the two He was already born in those hectic moments on the battlefield.

And you were impressed by the first encounter between Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki? Tell us in the comments. Finally we leave you with the key visual released for the maxi finale episode of the first season of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War.

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