Bleach is one of the Big Three, or one of Weekly Shonen Jump's three manga that made history in the late 2000s. Along with Naruto and ONE PIECE, he truly wrote the history of Japanese comics and brought a flood of readers to this world. Unfortunately, unlike its two competitors, the anime was incomplete.

In fact, the Studio Pierrot anime crashed in 2012, a few years before the manga ended. While Naruto ended with a very big anime and ONE PIECE is still ongoing, Bleach hasn't seen the adaptation of the latest story arc. However, the millennial war between the Shinigami and Quincy that could undermine the entire world is looming. Studio Pierrot has been working on the adaptation for a number of years.

IS It's time for Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, the anime everyone has been waiting for. Debuting in Japan and the rest of the world is imminent, with dates and times that may vary slightly, and the public on Twitter are showing they're no longer looking forward to it. Several tweets - as you can see below - report adesperately waiting for the new bleach anime.

The 52 episodes of Bleach will complete Ichigo's story, and even Tite Kubo will commemorate him with an artwork.

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