The waiting for Bleach: The Thousand Years War finally has an end. The first episode of this story arc of the anime that returns to the small screen after ten years allows us to find Kurosaki Ichigo and the other protagonists of Tite Kubo's work. Here's the best of the Shinigami replacement in the first ending.

Bleach: The Millennial War made its official debut by bringing viewers back to Soul Society. The return of the Bleach anime has excited the community, who, however, may not remember what happened before due to the long time that has passed since the original broadcast. Let's relive the best of Ichigo Kurosaki Thousand Year Blood War ending theme.

The ending used for this first cour of the animated adaptation of the final narrative arc shows the main clashes faced by the orange-haired protagonist. The background song is "Rapport" by Kitani Tatsuyawhich the more experienced will have recognized as the musical theme of Bleach 20th Anniversary and for the video of the Original Art Exhibition BLEACH EX.

Through this concluding theme, therefore, we can relive that Ichigo's very first fights, up to the fights in Hueco Mundo against the arrancars. The substitute Shinigami is already ready to watch further as he must in this latest saga face a new fight even heavier than the previous ones.

in the In the second episode we will find other acronyms. The opening is entrusted to Kitani Tatsuya with her "Scar", while the ending is entrusted to SennaRin with the song "Saihate".

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