The saga of the heist in the Kingdom of Swords has come to an end, leaving the readers behind Black clover with a bitter taste in the mouth. Yuki Tabata’s manga series may have been on hiatus for a long time, but we finally have a date for its return. Let’s remember what happened in the last chapter before the stop.

In Chapter 331 of Black Clover, we see Yuno meet his mother, the true ruler of the Kingdom of Swords. As his son, Hage’s former orphan and wizard of Golden Dawn is invited to the throne. However, the boy is initially determined to defeat Asta and claim the title of Magic Emperor.

Meanwhile, Asta reflects with love. The two are pleased with what has just been done, but the Black Bull’s wizard in particular thanks the demon for allowing him to meet his mother. Although he has never lived with her, he is happy to have been loved. love promises Help Asta win the title of Magic Emperor.

We then return to Clover, where Damnatio goes to the gates of Julius Novachrono. After lengthy investigations, he reports that Megicula is actually not one of the top three devils. These are Beelzebub who can control space, Lucifer who controls gravity and a certain unknown Astaroth. This should check the time. A great betrayal kicks off the final Black Clover saga.

As Damnatio points out, of all known wizards, Emperor Julius is the only one who controls time. He confirms his theories. Indeed he is Lucius Zogratisthe fourth, forgotten brother of Zogratis.

Damnatio is frozen in time and Lucius receives a visit from Adrammelech, who brings Lucifer’s heart as a gift. Everything went according to plan Astaroth. So the battle with the demons is not over yet. Black Clover is set to continue in July, with Chapter 332 taking us back to the heart of the battle.

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