Black Clover doesn’t stop, according to the first rumors, the anime will continue in 2021

The Black Clover anime series will continue in 2021as stated a few hours ago by the well-known leaker Spytrue. Many users had suspected a possible stop for the series due to the close proximity to the manga, but apparently Studio Pierrot has absolutely no intention of suspending the show.

Minus the short two-month stop last summer, The anime series Black Clover has been on air continuously for more than three yearsBecause of this, the producers had to insert a filler sheet that focused on training Asta and his companions. At the moment, there are just over 40 chapters separating the paper work from the anime adaptation, so news of the sequel in 2021 came as quite a surprise.

A few weeks ago Black Clover Studio and Weekly Shonen Jump were expecting great news for Jump Festa 2021 on December 19th, and at that point it now seems certain that it could be the renewal for the next narrative arc, the eleventh. That of course means that The narrative arc dedicated to the training of the protagonists will be continued at least until the end of the year.

What do you think about it? Will you keep following Black Clover? Let us know yours by leaving a comment in the box below!

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