Through a flashback, Black Clover Chapter 351 sheds light on the Tengentsu, the all-seeing eye of the Shogun Ryuya, gained through great sacrifice. There Battle in the land of the sun but is not finished yet. There is one last, gigantic enemy to defeat.

Black Clover Chapter 352 begins with Shogun Ryuya asking Asta to go all out on his next attack. Since the Ryuzen support him, he must do it Defeat the five-headed dragon that threatens the land of the sun.

The five-headed dragon is able to regenerate its wounds, but by removing the bandage and Discovery of the Tengentsu Ryuya manages to find its weak spot. By the way, did you know that because of this eye, Black Clover has been accused of copying Naruto? The only way to defeat the dragon is to sever all five heads at once using Asta's anti-magic powers.

There Fuji's healing magic allows the other Ryuzen to return to the fight. One by one, the great warriors of the Land of the Sun allow Asta to do his duty. However, Jozo's wounds are the deepest and the masked man cannot be ready. Ichika intervenes, allowing Asta to launch a slash simultaneously cut off the five heads of the dragon. The Land of the Sun has been liberated from the enemies sent by Lucius Zogratis.

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