After a tough period of training that got Asta in trouble, Black Clover's protagonist had to pause to give the other characters in the manga more space. And they are the protagonists of the siege of the Kingdom of Swords, which is finally beginning.

The demonic ritual began in chapter 274 of Black Clover. Some elite warriors from the Clover Kingdom used Nacht's teleportation to instantly enter the palace, while the rebels outside the rebels are assisted by the fiery Meleoleona.

It starts in this snowy scenario Black clover 275 that we can see in the pictures below. The first spoilers of the chapter focus on the Battle of Meleoleona, the undisputed protagonist of this week's story. When he confronts the devil who had been called to pull the castle to the ground and kill all of its residents, the temporary captain of the Crimson Lions begins a fiery battle in this cold and icy landscapeand cause the devil a lot of trouble.

But the battle in the castle of swords begins with the Dark Triad finding their opponents. Yuno and Langris meet Zenon, Charlotte and Lil against Vanica, Jack and Nacht against Dante. The cruelest phases of black clover are just around the corner.

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