Gatsu's dramatic story changes radically when he meets the Falcon Squad and their Captain, Grifis. The golden age of berserk represents the time when the protagonist first knows friendship and love and forms an almost brotherly bond with who will become his nemesis: Phemto.

Few events stick in readers' minds quite like the horrifying ones darknessa phenomenon that occurs every 216 years to give birth to a new member of the hand of God. The eclipse forever interrupts the lives of Gatsu and his companions, many of whom are exterminated and sacrificed Grifis, who wants to rise and gain more and more power. Only Gatsu remains alive, without an eye or an arm, and Caska is mentally devastated after the violence suffered.

Phemto was born from the ceremony, a dark character, in stark contrast to the openness that had always characterized Grifis' character. To relive that moment, as fundamental as it is dramatic in Kentaro Miura's work, one fan did wonderful illustration which you can see at the bottom of the page. Phemto, leaving his humanity behind, is born from a giant Bejelit. Let us know what you think about this artwork in the comments.

Finally, we remind you that Planet Manga has announced the release of the Berserk Deluxe Eclipse Limited, limited to 216 copies, and we let you relive the story of Falconia.

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