Thanks to the advent of streaming platforms, it is now very easy to watch your favorite animated series in a completely legal way. Services like Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation They boast a wide range of titles that will suit the tastes of all types of users.

Despite all this freedom of choice There are those who still prefer the route of illegality and don't even want to spend a dime to fuel your passion. Lately, the closure of the Kiss Anime website has sparked several rumors about the alleged willingness of animation studios to upload their content on Youtube in an exclusive and free form in order to fight piracy.

One user intervened and clarified that a model of this type, it would not guarantee a sustainable economic contribution like foreign licenses. In fact, the revenues of companies like Funimation, Anime Lab, and Netflix are vital to the studios' economic stability, and while Youtube advertising guarantees a good profit, it is absolutely not equivalent.

For example the latest tax report from Toei Animation, highlighted 49% percent of overseas sales, mainly from the Asian and Latin American markets. It is estimated that The foreign licenses brought in 27.359 million yen for the companyand shows a steady increase from year to year.

Toei's overseas profit is almost higher than its domestic profit, a testament to the importance of licensing to the academic economy. Hence, it is impossible to believe that the Youtube platform can offer this an economic return that is sufficient to fully finance your maintenance and production costs.

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