Jim Gordon is now retired and has been hired by a mysterious woman to go hunting and eliminate the Joker. However, this mission could lead the former police superintendent to face his best ally. Batman.

Though he had every reason to, Jim Gordon never did itkill the clown Prince of Crimeeven if he actually had the chance. However, that could soon change: the former Gotham City Police Commissioner has been hired by the Owl Court to kill the Joker.

Gordon is approached by a mysterious woman from Donna Cressida, who represents the voice of the people in town who are fed up with the Joker's terrorist attacks. He is supposed to kill the mad criminal. In addition to numerous personal reasonsThe former cop was offered a whopping $ 25 million.

When Gordon accepts, he meets Batman and convinces him to get help by giving him access to the Batcomputer and confidential data. However, the superintendent left out an essential part, he did not reveal to the bat man that his goal is to kill the Joker. Jim Gordon just did betray BatmanHe also works for the Court of Owls, one of the worst enemies the Dark Knight has ever faced.

Haunted by memories of the brutality the Joker committed against his family, the former commissioner has decided to lie to his historical partner in order to obtain coveted revenge. Batman, however does not let the clown kill. Will the two collide?

Here in detail who hired Jim Gordon in the new Batman series. From cop to bounty hunter, Jim Gordon's new life in Batman.

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