Since the first volume in the new series Batman / Catwoman Readers are informed of Bruce Wayne's death through the words Selina Kyle used during her encounter in Flordia with the terrible and iconic villain named Joker. More interesting details have emerged from recent developments in the recently published third edition.

The news about the death of the joker arrives in Gotham City very quickly, largely thanks to the discovery of a corpse with an entirely white complexion hidden under a layer of makeup that used to look normal. Helena Wayne, the current Batwoman and daughter of Bruce and Selina, is reluctant to believe this is her father's historical nemesis. However, the DNA test carried out later on the body confirms what is believed possible Dick, now Gotham Police Commissioner.

Helena then decides to go to Florida to help Dick with the investigation and shares her intentions with her mother. After Selina's answer, Helena is convinced of it Joker and Bruce's deaths are somehow relatedgiven the small amount of time that separates them. The two would actually have died a week later. As far as this is explained, the reasons for Batman's death remain mysterious. in the Batman Annual # 2 Bruce appears to have been badly hit by Alzheimer's, while Doctor Phosphorous reveals to Wayne in Detective Comics # 1027 that he has cancer.

Readers know that Selina herself killed the Joker, even though she knows about it ongoing investigation, led by his daughter and Dickseems to remain very calm that she is planning her spectacular exit from the scene? Remember that in Future State a traitor is roaming the streets of Gotham and we will leave you at the meeting between the old and new Dark Knights.

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