Batman: the Three Jokers: DC Comics reveals the variant covers of the miniseries

Batman: the Three Jokers will arrive on the market at the end of the summer, but DC Comics has previewed the six variant covers that will peep out during the serialization of the miniseries, which we remind you will consist of three total releases.

Each variant will bear the signature of the talented artist Jason Fabok, and represents the Joker in his most important editorial moments. From his appearance as Red Hood to the version in the narrative arc of a Death in the Family, passing through The Killing Joke and the Endgame storyline.

At present only 6 of the 9 variants have been revealed that will accompany the publication of the books. Batman: The Three Jokers is written by Geoff Johns and designed by Jason Fabok. The three releases will arrive on the market respectively on August 25th, September 29th and October 27th.

The series will be released under the Black Label label, and each book will be priced at $ 6.99. The author has confirmed that this story will not create a Joker multiverse, and is not intended to change the character's status quo.

Rather, his goal is to deepen the relationships between the DC characters - Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood and just the Prince of Crime.

Batman: the next issues will see the return of an old ally. Batman historian Dennis O'Neil left us at the age of 81.

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