One of the events that surprised the Dark Knight fans the most was the series Dark Knights: Death Metal both for the narrative style and especially for exploring the most negative corners of the DC Comics Multiverse, which are mainly related to the topic Batman .

As we wait for the sequel to the story presented to be released, the title has been unveiled, making it clear how some of the most popular characters have readers' pages dedicated exclusively to them. For the series connection event, D.Ark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights # 1 got a fantastic cover version from Kaare Andrews.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the page that DC Nation shared on Twitter, we can find the on the cover Batman Che Laughing, the Robin King and also T-Rex Batman, surprisingly appreciated since its announcement. This volume will be unique and contain a series of short stories that show all the different batmen that can be seen in Death Metal. To make it even more interesting, the words were the presentation of the project.

""The DC universe has become one with the dark multiverse, where demons rule and reality is invaded by monstrous versions of the Dark Knight, led by Batman Che Ride. This collection of short stories tells you about the terrible secrets of everyone, including other night creatures such as Robin Kingwhose origin couldn't be worse! ".

Even Snyder, author of the project and the Dark Nights Metal series, wanted to express his enthusiasm: "Although it was a closed event, we had left some threats. If readers enjoyed the first series, I hope they see it as such." the opportunity to build something bigger, that's our intention with Death Metal. " Capullo finally said simply "Dark Nights: Death Metal is fun for all of us. The series is going to be exciting, with" Metal "moments that will convince fans as soon as they see them."

Remember that the cover of Batman's Volume 101 showed the aftermath of the Joker War, and we'll leave you to our guide dedicated to Panini Comics' new DC universe.

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