The attack of the giants is a work with a large fan base that is currently in a fourth season of twists and turns. Similarly, the Marvel heroes also have huge fandom, including a creative writer of a particular video. Let's go together to see

Avengers: Endgame, the latest in a long line dedicated to Marvel Comics' American superheroes, is the feature film from which the scenes used in the homage to Sam-One Entertainment are taken. The enthusiast has actually decided to merge the adventures of the Avengers with those of the Scouting Army This creates an opening, like the ones at the beginning of each episode of the anime that go with the popular movie.

The video in question can be seen on the cover of the news and within it are the numerous characters of the film who are first presented to viewers and then become the protagonists of some of the most epic battles fought the fearsome Thanos. Everything to the rhythm of one of the most popular music by The attack of the giants, or Shinzo wo Sasageyo! from Linked Horizon, the third theme of the animated series.

It's not the first time Wonder heroes are associated with the work of Hajime IsayamaIn fact, they have already faced the titans of The Attack of the Giants in an official crossover in the past.

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Finally, I'll share news about the first opening of The Attack of the Giants, sung by the voice actors.

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