The Attack of the Giants anime is nearing its conclusion, with the story prepared by Hajime Isayama ends in 2023 with the last part of last season. The series will surely be missed by many, but there are those who don't want to be caught off guard and are proposing their version of the series with a new look.

Artist Masashi Imagawa made a video sharing his proposal realistic version of Attack on Titan, of course made in 3DCG. Many on the web have appreciated his work and found it to be far better than many live action films made to date. In addition, many have doubts about what will happen to the Warner Bros live-action film that could see the light of day in the next few years. If the result looks like this then there probably isn't much wrong with the computer graphics and the way they are used.

The video available below, which lasts 30 seconds, was created precisely by Imagawa, then by FX's Shota Kimura and Shunpei Yamashita, and finally by Animation's Yu Kojima. It all starts with the yellow flash that allows the emergence of the colossal giant out of nowhere, which begins to rise from a cloud of smoke and steam, while soldiers of the Reconnaissance Army move between the buildings of Shiganshina, from which the quarter is visible above. All accompanied by one of the most iconic music from The Attack of the Giants, created by Hiroyuki Sawano at the time. And would you like one? Movie Attack on Titan done like that?

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