All bleach fans in the world had to be content with a mangled cartoon series, the it froze on the Fullbringer bow. When the manga moved on and saw the conclusion of yet another saga, the animated work froze. However, 2020 marked an unblocking of the situation with the announcement of the new Bleach anime.

Long awaited by the public, this turned on the net between Twitter and other social media to express their joy over the return of the prodigal son. The production has already confirmed that the Bleach anime will focus on the Millennial War, the final storyline of Tite Kubo that concludes the manga. However, from March 2020 until now there have been virtually none Learn how to get Bleach back on TV. How is the situation now?

Something may have been unlocked lately, as discovered by user and YouTuber JaymesHanson. In the last few days he discovered that a new domain had been registered for the anime Bleach, which confirmed its accuracy after a few hours. the Domain therefore seems to be reconnecting with the new project which at this point in time will not arrive before 2022.

There is no waiting for an official announcement of the production with all the news of the case.

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