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Tower of God chapter twelve: "Sorry Bam. You have to stay here. "

Nothing sadder than betrayal, but nothing stronger than the power you get when you want to recover and overcome what hurt you and more if your impulse is others who love and appreciate you as a family.


A decision that must be taken in depth comes into play, because although we know Andorssi's personality, we know that her dream and desire is to be an official Princess of Jahad and live surrounded by everything that title can offer. Ren Assassin 67 of the Jahad Royal Guard has tested Andorssi's loyalty by promising to speak well of her to King Jahad if she assassinates impostor Anaak. But to everyone's surprise, Andorssi does not give in and ends up helping his sister Princess. Here enters a battle between the two Princesses with the support of her 13-month series, Black March and Green April.

While on the other side of the battlefield, Rak Wraithraiser along with the "Green Cucumber" Paracule, begin to escape from those Barnacles and their Giant Worms, but Rak decides to gain momentum and confront those beings. While in those caverns where the signal of Khun Agüero Agnus is lost, the two Princesses Andorssi and Anaak face Ren, it has been transformed into a fight ring that points the victory for that assassin number 67. We thought that until he appears from the Shadows escorted by Shibisu the Supreme Princess Yuri Jahad carrying the Black March and who by chance of the fate of going after Bam has come across that cruel moment deciding to help her little sisters.

While at the top Rak and Paracule you face the Goblins, Lauroe acts in accordance with the plan of the master mind of Khun raising the entire team to prevent them from dying at the hands of those Goblins and their Giant Worms… All thanks also to the threats, kidnapping of Lauroe's bed and extortion by Narae. Now Yuri tries to give Ren the chance to escape and I left them alone, but for that Assassin with strange fetishes of anger, he decides to attack the Princess under threats, but his little tricks do not work against a Supreme who surpasses him in power. .

Now Bam tries to reassure Rachel that she is in the middle of that Shinsu bubble, surrounded by more Shinsu and that makes Bam feel an energy that she has never felt before. While Khun's actions take the prize for best planned, he discovered that the Striped Pigs used those tunnels of the Gobid Dolphins and decided to lock them together with the power of Lauroe so that in the end they will be attacked along with the Barnacles and to free his team from that battle. But Khun receives an unexpected visit and it is that of another member of the Khun family, a boy who lives inside a console and who accompanies Princess Yuri all her way and who apparently is the enemy of Khun Agüero Agnis.

Now guide Evan Edroch from Princess Yuri of Jahad and Kurdan warrior from the Winged Tree Emblem, they decide to go after their Princess who is now battling other fights. But Evan stops any act that the Princess may commit out of anger, because helping Anaak is not something that is convenient for him, but assassinating Ren, the 67th murderer of Jahad who slipped into the test of some Regulars, if it is in his power and this is performed by Kurdan with his huge mallet. While Khun confronts that mysterious but powerful character who promises to help him see Maria, Khun gives up on that idea and rejects it without thinking, in which Hatsu appears with his sword to help Khun, an event that made that young man Yuri's partner recognizes the great friendships that Khun has. However, that huge team is one thanks to the love of Bam, which has generated that even Hatsu and Khun get along, because Khun would never take a break while his teammates fight.

Before Ren died he let Yuri, Andorssi, Anaak and Shibisu know that the Bull went after Bam and Rachel, prompting Supreme Princess Yuri Jahad to go after Bam, but Han Sung Yu stopped her, because going after him is intervene in the test and disqualify Bam from it, because according to Anaak and everyone, they want to climb the Tower together. Now Bam successfully confronts the Bull by annihilating him from his insides, Yuri snatches the Avril Verde from Anaak with the promise of returning it when that girl knows how to use it, taking the Black March with him as well. But before he leaves, he throws Shibisu the Winged Tree Emblem for him to give to Bam. In the midst of that goodbye, Evan Edroch runs into that red haired girl who lost an eye to Bam and who was recognized by Evan as a Guide.

Now everything takes a cruel turn, because on the verge of completing the test Rachel expels Bam from the capsule, letting him see clearly his hatred and little interest in being with him. The boy falls to the bottom while all his teammates trust that he will win and they can continue climbing the Tower together.


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This episode is covering chapters 67 to 74 of the Manhwa, the order and development of the episode is not the same, but the context and the scenes could say that they are similar, for some small change to speed up the development of this in 23 minutes and some others to simply make sense for those who have not read the Webtoon. Now if after this we are going to start to explain what for me has been a great chapter and how I will help you to understand perhaps terms or scenes connecting both creations.

Guys where to start to calm them, I would not want to give them so many spoilers or warn them of things, but calm Bam does not die, although he was about to. Don't hate Han Sung Yu that much either, things are more than you see and there is more history here. Bam has great power and that power is going to be used and exploited for a purpose, perhaps the last chapter will clarify some things for you. Nestor is bigger than you can imagine, this story has tragedies, betrayal love and an incredible union between these friends. What I can tell or advise you to do is read the Manhwa.

On this occasion I will not do the usual thing that is to review the chapters of the Manhwa for the simple reason that it was very similar to the Manhwa and why what is coming becomes intense at a Supreme level. The real name of Bam comes to light in the next chapters and will be recognized by him after six years ... This is six years it takes the boy to climb the Tower again and in another year, at number seven, he can be recognized by many and his death will no longer be a secret, but so many things happened that you can't imagine. Don't worry about the details, just read the Manhwa.

The application Webtoon which is the official of the Manhwa, uploads a new chapter every week in Spanish, where they barely go for the second season. But if you read it in English in the same app, you will find all the episodes of the third season to be crazy. If you want to go further and not wait week by week for the free chapter, you can buy each chapter before its premiere.

There are no excuses for not reading this amazing Manhwa, but if I want to tell you that if you are bored at the beginning by the illustrations and feel that the graphics are not the best, do not despair that after the second season the graphics are worldwide, they are better than They could wait and the appearance of our characters changes, since many, but many years pass. They can complete up to 20 years only between time jumps, because Bam trains for 6 years in that depth of the Shinsu cup, then one more year in the tower, then he meets his friends again, they spend another three years climbing the Tower and so on. the account goes. In the third season our Bam is an adult boy who apart from good looking is an innate warrior of power that scares the Supreme and gods themselves.

If you want a detailed summary I could add it, say it in the comments, just as the beginning of the opinion I leave you the chapters that cover this episode.

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