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This review on Tonikaku kawaiI Chapter three contains spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, you better watch this episode and enjoy this review.

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Tonikaku kawaii

Chapter three: sisters

This is the third episode and we are still making great strides. In this chapter we witness what it means for a man to discover the complex world of some women for whom personal care is a ritual. Something as simple as taking a shower gives Nasa more information about her and his fiancée, how jealousy feels. Two cute sisters appear who are related to NASA.
Aya will be the one to turn Tsukasa's thoughts upside down. Finally Tonikaku kawaii leaves us with the soul in a thread with the announcement of a new character who threatens to cause a lot of trouble.


The anime becomes more interesting as the story progresses. In this episode we not only experience the growth of our young protagonists, but also the discovery of their emotions. Tsukasa, like any other woman, is jealous to see that Nasa is not only able to arouse noble and sweet feelings in her but also in other girls. In addition to this natural feeling, poor communication also affects the couple's misunderstandings and their own jealousy.

In reality, Tsukasa wants most of the attention from NASA, something natural, but from a mistake of ideas and perspective, NASA comes to the conclusion that his wife wants a marriage by all laws. Nasa can't tell his wife how beautiful she is because she wants to hear the same thing in her head, but with her wedding dress. This type of misunderstanding is widespread and it is so that with everything and the language, its clarity and good use, no one can escape interpretation. Learning to listen could save us from such bad conversations. Here we put the other aside and can only listen to what we think the other would like to say beforehand.

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On the other hand, the appearance of a new character close to Tsukasa will put us in context with this mysterious girl who was able to marry a stranger. I know our protagonists have a real love, but the certainty in their decisions continues to surprise me. The stories of each other's past will come out and this will inevitably bring them closer together. The story marks a safe step; Not only is it entertaining, there really is something that I'm sure will surprise us.

Final conclusions from Tonikaku Kawaii

This anime has got wide acceptance in China and it's not for less. Needless to say, getting out of the pandemic was not easy and that the public is now closer to the screens demanding good content that goes beyond entertainment. original stories and great narratives. This year has also brought us closer to unexpected decisions and made us feel the need to fill ourselves with experiences. Tonikaku kawaii It has all of these elements that we cannot escape from.

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Love is not the salvation of the world, but an escape from reality into a more real and authentic one. Emotions show us our most human side and the best version of everyone. I won't stop inviting you to follow this anime's trail and unravel the common threads of the story. So far we just need to know that death and security are two crucial ways to live.


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