Attention! This review of chapters 2 and 3 of Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2 It is full of spoilers. We recommend that you watch the episode first and then read it again.

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Chapter 2: The Next Goal

Emilia and Subaru return home after so many problems, but not before they say goodbye to Crusch emotionally. This is how Chapter 2 of Subject: Zero 2. When they return, they find that those who have left with Roswaal and Ram have not returned from the sanctuary, but have found a new face in the villa. Frederica Baumann, a former maid, returned to work after her resignation for personal reasons; Ram without Rem is unable to maintain the villa.

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At Frederica's suggestion, Subaru decides to speak to Beatrice to find a clue as to what Roswaal is up to, but the sorceress doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Only when she sees Subaru's "gospel" and learns of the death of her previous owner does Beatrice begin to speak. He tells Subaru that all the answers he is looking for are in the sanctuary, along with everything related to the "witch factor".

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Days later, with instructions from Frederica, Subaru, and Emilia, accompanied by Otto, they head for the sanctuary; Rem and a dismayed Beatrice remain in the care of Frederica and the new maid in training, Petra. Without a pack, the three young men enter the Kremaldy Forest with a strange crystal and warnings of the dangers Frederica has given them. However, there is a possibility that they do not know that they are waiting for them: Echidna.

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Chapter 3: The Long-awaited Meeting

Chapter 3 of Subject: Zero 2 It starts exactly where the previous one ended, and Subaru faces Echidna, "The Witch of Greed". The woman speaks to him and offers to answer any questions the young man asks her. However, Subaru is suspicious of the figure in front of him, more because of the way Echidna presented himself. Subaru asks to get out of there and Echidna gives him a farewell gift.

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Upon his return, Subaru hurries towards Emilia and Otto without clear memories of their previous chat. When he leaves the ruins, he is surprised by a young man with yellow hair who throws him through the air. It is Garfiel who guards the sanctuary grounds and is about to get rid of the intruders. Fortunately, Subaru manages to convey to the young man who they are.

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Garfiel accompanies them with Roswaal and Ram to the village where the demihuman live. An almost ruined village where people don't seem happy to be there. What to expect as the barrier surrounding the sanctuary has locked them up, as informed by a wounded Roswaal. The only way to break the barrier that detains the demihuman is to pass the Sanctuary Test, which is only open to those with mixed blood.

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Roswaal was forced to take the test because the demihuman held him, Ram, and the villagers hostage and demanded their own freedom. As expected, the test rejects this, so responsibility is transferred to Emilia. However, something goes wrong and Subaru hurries to save Emilia, discovers Echidna's gift and also finds her own past.

Subject: Zero 2 Chapter 2 review

In Chapter 2 of Subject: Zero 2 What the main task of our protagonists for this bow is already defined. At first they wanted to go back to the villa to speak to Roswaal, but the answers they were looking for are not on a silver platter. Roswaal is not at home and now they have to look for the whereabouts of Emilia's sponsor, her servant and the villagers who have fled with them and bring them back safely.

Great dangers await them, however, as the sanctuary is surrounded by an aura of mystery, as the words spoken by both Beatrice and Frederica make us notice. From the dangers of the mysterious "Forest of Kremaldy" to an enemy whose famous name is Garfiel, to the appearance of a powerful witch named Echidna.

A broken heart

Re: zero They belong to a group of anime series that are characterized by a lot of dialogue. For those of us who are unfamiliar with the language of the Land of the Rising Sun, it may seem difficult to follow the thread of the conversations that take place during the events of the series, which usually bothers more than one (not to mention the complexity of the Translation of entire speeches). Although it is not a disadvantage, it cannot be minimized by practicing reading subtitles for hours.

Especially during the dialogues they take up a large part of Chapter 2 Re: Zero 2, when we noticed the great development of Emilia. The time she spent with Subaru brought her much closer to the boy, a situation that is completely foreign to her because of her unhappy appearance. Which is not strange since Satella left a big and deep scar in the world of Re: zerothat remains in the hearts of its residents.

It was a great emotional shock for Emilia to meet Subaru, a boy from another world who didn't know the customs and culture of the people who discriminated against her so much. She became disgusting (what a terrible word for a person!) In the eyes of others to the most beautiful girl in the eyes of this black-haired stranger. Was she entitled to feel loved that way? Did Subaru play with her? Questions that must have occurred to him countless times.

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The big difference between the conversations between Subaru and Emilia that we saw in season one and that we're enjoying now is the girl's relaxation. They are more fluent, less one-sided, and easily switch from serious conversations to jokes. There is no longer any doubt in Emilia's heart, she knows Subaru loves him the way he is, and this is a great emotional support for her.

I want to cry

The most emotionally charged event in Chapter 2 of Subject: Zero 2Maybe it was Beatrice's outburst. Known for being more than inaccessible and stubbornly sharing her own knowledge, she started giving information to Subaru when she learned of Petelgeuse's death. The reaction he had and the way he referred to the former Archbishop of Sin (Guese) shows that he knew him very well.

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The secrets that Beatrice hides are many, but this reaction she had and which could be considered a duel shows that the sorceress has a lot to do with witches. Everything indicates that during this season of Re: zeroWe will learn more about the history of the so-called "witch factor" as well as about its origin and moreover about the origin and history of Beatrice.

The girl seems to be grieving for the one she lost. There seem to be many and she always stays behind. Maybe that feeling forced her to retire to her room and be so grumpy. One way to defend yourself against the pain of losing a loved one is to have no loved one at all. However, Subaru seems to be able to break this shell; Although Beako doesn't like it, we know that Subaru has become an important person for the sorceress.

The sanctuary

At the end of Chapter 2 of Subject: Zero 2the protagonists managed to reach the Kremaldy Forest. Emilia fell asleep. For his part, Subaru was carried a few steps out of the wagon by some ruins, which he reached by following an elven girl. He wanders into the ruins hoping to find his friends just to appear outdoors. A single person is there and speaks to him. Echidna, the witch of greed. What do you want from the boy

Statement on Chapter 3 of Re: Zero 2

Subaru and Emilia have finally found Ram and the others, but they have also gotten into more trouble. Now the couple has been taken hostage by the residents of the sanctuary, who want to get out of this pigsty and live a better life. This is how Chapter 3 of Subject: Zero 2 It continues the series in which we already know what the main goal of the current bow will be: "The Sanctuary Trial".

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In this new episode we see Roswaal and Ram again, recurring characters from the last season. Although Subaru found some conflict with the younger girl due to the situation with her younger sister, he was happy to see her alive and well. On the other hand, Emilia's development continues as a character and sincerely expresses her good wishes to the captive city dwellers.

However, all are reunions. We also know some characters that are central to Chapter 3 Subject: Zero 2. Echidna as the sanctuary's creator, who is responsible for all the peculiarities, and Garfiel, who acts as a representative of the demihuman who are looking for a way to solve their problem. The actions of both echoed throughout the episode.

Scary cute

What surprised me most about Chapter 3 Subject: Zero 2 It took place in the first few minutes. At that time, he was participating in the conversation between Echidna and Subaru, and I never thought it would develop that way. Echidna's voice should remind us of another powerful female figure with a lot of presence (and who shares Seiyu), whose description fits the witch without any problems. However, they also showed us a somewhat unexpected side of Echidna.

Let's get to the point: Echidna is more kawaii than I expected. Throughout the series, the "witch of jealousy" has been spoken of, and you have the idea that witches are malicious and scary. While Echidna has a fairly dark side, it strangely coexists with the need for attention she showed Subaru. A few aspects that can be combined strangely well in character.

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For this reason, a conversation that I expected to have more serious overtones became a great comic exchange between Subaru and Echidna. Where, despite the lack of seriousness in the scene, some information about the story of "The Witches of Sin" and the "Witch Factor" mentioned above was revealed. A scene that I liked very much and in which Echidna changes from a slightly childish behavior to a rather scary behavior.

Echidna continues to appear regularly in the series, which I really appreciate. The knowledge Subaru can provide will be very helpful, so the young man must keep her on his side. Echidna doesn't seem to have bad intentions, though I wouldn't say that she's perfectly good. I think her first rejection Subaru gave her will help make it clear that the young man won't be so easy to manipulate.

Families have to be together

Emilia had very little participation in the events of the first season of Re: zero. This continuation of adaptation promises greater involvement of the young half-elf and possibly less dependence on Subaru. Emilia's development has been noticed since the first episode we saw a few weeks ago when she sees herself with all intentions to support her friend Subaru (yes, still a friend).

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However, changes don't usually happen overnight, and Emilia will still have a long way to go. I say this based on the events at the end of Chapter 3 of Subject: Zero 2, where we can see that Emilia's "The Sanctuary Test" had irregularities. The light stopped glowing shortly after Emilia entered the ruins, which in my opinion means that Emilia failed the test.

It is not yet clear what The Sanctuary Trial is based on, but if we analyze what happened to Subaru when he entered, we can conclude that Emilia has experienced something very similar. Perhaps the first test is to face the past, and Emilia's past doesn't seem so bright or very happy, so the first test must have been overwhelming for her. Your own past is an obstacle that you must overcome to continue growing.

"The Sanctuary Trial"

The test has started and Emilia has apparently failed. Subaru is the unexpected participant due to his blood. A gift that the young man cannot remember having received from Echidna himself. For this reason, the fate of the demihuman and city dwellers lies with Subaru, who now has the power to free all prisoners. We'll see how the young Japanese will behave in a test that promises to evaluate him without compassion.

However, this does not mean that Emilia's participation will have ended. They stumbled a bit, but they can always get up and keep trying. Now you know what your own weakness is, what is important to highlight your strengths. As I said, the changes don't appear overnight, and the path Emilia will take is just beginning.


We're going through chapter 3 of Subject: Zero 2and the action already makes us see the next one. But even if we don't like it, we have to wait a whole week between episodes to continue enjoying this great work. I should mention that, although I'm not a stranger to the light novel Re: zeroadjusted the part for season two if it is more advanced than what I read. Like many of you, the anime will continue to surprise me with every round it presents to us.

You can now comment and share all of your impressions of these two chapters described in these paragraphs. What do you think of chapters 2 and 3 of? Subject: Zero 2?


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