This review on Shingeki no kyojin: The last season contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter we recommend that you do it and then go back to read the review

Chapter 1: Across the Ocean

The war, a child, the sky and the heavy rain. Eldians sent for eternal hope and the miraculous salvation of the child who almost reached them. The trenches and impenetrable walls, two sides that want to destroy each other, only that Marley has the support of the Titans. The chosen children, only one of whom can be chosen, the most intrepid is Gabi, who with her attack manages to open a hole for the final attack. Reiner and Zeke are sent and destroy the fortress of La UniΓ³n and their ships. This ends a four year war caused by a defeat of 9. The drunkenness of victory reaches the glorious citizens and sinks the soldiers with pride. but it doesn't look like it will take long

Chapter Opinion

Finally, without further delay, the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin. It came to us with stumbling, hopelessness in some and a lot of anticipation. Basically I have to say that on a technical level, at least in an initial assessment, everything looks good. The animation looks very good, the color palette is preserved (with certain different nuances, but it's the location of the events), the soundtrack didn't feel that great, but it did its job. The opening I loved it and he The End also, mainly because the first has moved away from this epicity, although it keeps some tones of it to make way for a melody somewhat close to the tragedy, because, as many know, this season is getting closer in these parts. An excellent chapter of a wonderful anime that promises a lot with this first episode


Seven years and more have passed since the first chapter was broadcast in the distant 2013. Four years passed for the second season and from there we had our annual dose of each year Shingeki. Looking back, I can point out the following:

Shingeki no Kyojin first season: a good one shonen.
Shingeki no Kyojin second season: a very good one shonen.
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 1: This is way better than various anime regardless of genre.
Shingeki no kyojin third season, second part: a masterpiece not only of animation, but also of the literary field. (I already pointed out the latter in the reviews of this part last year).

What does the fourth season bring us? I don't know, but the story, some of which we already know, promises too much for a climax that everyone or the majority will like. I hope they close with a flourish.

The new characters

The chapter begins with the introduction to new Eldian characters shown in a very unusual way in full combat with no history. To a large extent, however, we already know who they might be. We have the group of children: Gabi, Falco, Zofia and Udo, while the senior Eldian replies to the name of foal. The children are the ones chosen to attain the power of the colossal titan whom titans are known not to have to live long.

The two characters who stand out the most are Gabi and Colt, the first to be fearless and reminiscent of Eren, but with Mikasa's abilities. She is the one who manages to open a gap between enemy lines and destroy a tank that prevented the use of the titans. For his part, Colt is portrayed to his blood mates as a compassionate soul who saves Falco when he was on the verge of death. And that, Falco, is also compassionate and less violent, who is there because he has to be. Not much can be said about the rest as their participation was low, but their personalities and traits can be drawn from their physical characteristics and traits. This is a success because only with the image and their actions can we empathize with this new group.

That is already known

Only two of the acquaintances appear, maybe three only in the last part. Purer Y. ZekeAbout the couple who were defeated on Paradis Island and wanted to assert their claim by defeating La UniΓ³n, especially Reiner, whose past he does not forget and who falls on his head in the middle of a fall: "I hate walls," he says and collects Anger inside. It doesn't seem that his personality has changed much, just that he's a little more serious. Zeke, for his part, is still the same, there is no deeper development to be seen, this is because his personality was already given as an adult, and at this age the personality is already configured (only with some things it can be changed). . What is most felt in him is this revenge for his honor and pride against that of Paradis. They accomplish their mission and that is where their participation ends.


There is a lapse of time between the last chapter of last season and this first chapter, I couldn't tell the exact years but it has to be about 4 to 6 years (remember Eren and the rest were already grown up). We see the end of the war, but we can understand the conflict because we have the dates and we remember the past of Eren's father. What fascinated me is that Flashback, but with casual dialogue you can already know the beginning. The war started 4 years ago when the Allies learned that the Marley men had lost the female titan and the colossal titan without succeeding in achieving their goal. When their military strength wanes, they decide to attack as Marley is the first power. What would have happened if the Germans had won the First or Second World War? I think we can partially see the results here, as this inspiration shows: Hajime isayama It changes the story in your story.

Final victory?

After Reiner and Zeke destroy the fortress, it destroys the ships, but Reiner sacrifices himself to save Zeke from the ship's bullets. The Titan Beast also manages to destroy the fleet and the war ends. The Allies decide to initiate peace agreements and everything is done. But since it's the first chapter and we know they aren't the protagonists, victory is not assured and the tension on the streets of Marley will build until it explodes.

It was a very good start, I hope they keep it up and the chapters don't compromise quality and most importantly, the plot isn't affected by any technical issues. A lot has been invested and it seems to have been worth it. Let's enjoy this final season.


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