Warning! This rating on Yahari ore no Seishun love Come wa Machigatteiru Kan (Oregairu 3) Chapter three contains spoilers. If you haven't watched the episode yet, I recommend you watch it and then come back to read the review.

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# 3 Iroha Isshiki is the best there is

Oregairu 3 Chapter three begins with Professor Hiratsuka remembering her brief meeting with Hachiman and how she decided to reserve her words so as not to change the current situation. On the other hand, the results of entering school have finally become known, both Komachi and Saki's brother agreed. The preparations for the dance continue and Iroha asks Hachiman for help, although she forgets to give him the details of this help. To continue promoting the dance, a video sample is recorded and extras are required for the scenes. Everyone participates in the dance simulation and now that Hachiman is clearer what a "prom" is, he also knows that he is not going with him.

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Announcement of a game

The most convenient thing to do is to talk about Professor Shizuka first, with a hesitant stance and a phrase in the air that leaves us between seeing the impending farewell. And no, I don't mean the next third grade, everything seems to indicate that it is she who will soon leave school. The signs are clear, his memories are melancholic, he can't finish his sentence to Hachiman and his last sentence is the answer to what he wanted to tell him. ""The bird does not pollute the nest before killing itselfThat is, if you have to leave what you know behind, don't do it by leaving unfinished business or unnecessarily stirring up ghosts.

We cannot deny that an important part of Hachiman's personal growth is thanks to Shizuka. She was ultimately the one who forced him out of his comfort zone by joining the volunteer club. An association that, as we now know, had the virtue of revolutionizing everything in the life of the young person. She has also given active support to cultivate the new feelings that have been awakened in the club. Supporting Hachiman was a pillar of support when he felt out of place, especially when he questioned his methods of helping others.

No wonder, then, that she felt the need to tell Hikki about this early departure. And I call it premature because Shizuka is ideally everyone who should stay until the end, which fails until Hachiman and the company finish. But realism achieves action, it is not up to a teacher to stay in school, and where it is used it should go. Shizuka took up the situation and although I am considering telling Hachiman she finally decided not to say it because doing so would be the same as deliberately trying to change the feelings of her students. She cannot afford to worry Hikki about this situation, not now and not so.

""I am not your little sister”

On a more carefree topic, Iroha does not miss the opportunity to give her senpai her gallantry lessons. For Isshiki, certainly for everyone, it does not go unnoticed that Hachiman is very heavily involved in the role of the older brother. He is protective and maintains a barrier that seems to announce that he doesn't see girls as potential interests, even though he cares about them. But it's not for nothing, let's not forget that Hachiman is still looking for "the truth" and the only thing he has considered "true" so far is his relationship with Komachi.

There is affection, complicity and mutual understanding and acceptance between the two brothers, there is no lie in this relationship. So it seems logical that when searching for the "true", Hachiman cannot help trying to imitate what he has with Komachi, and that implies his role as a brother. That said, it is definitely not something he does consciously, it is only natural for him to take care of those who are in his area of ​​protection.

Fortunately, Iroha appears in time to break this pattern, because no woman will definitely be happy if she is treated like a younger sister by the boy she likes. The latter doesn't say it out loud, but it's completely intuitive. Iroha's words don't fall on deaf ears, the difference is immediately apparent.

While recording the video, we can see the first symptoms of the change. Hachiman does not hesitate to compliment Yukinon, which he would not have done before, at least not out loud. Then we have the gentleman gestures towards Yui that accompany them to the dance floor. Modest acts that reveal the further development of her vision, at least she no longer sees her as little sisters to take care of. Situation that did not extend to Iroha, there is still a protective aspect in his way of dealing with his mistakes. This change will be gradual, Rome was not built in one night.

Different degrees of good

When we speak of Iroha's mistakes, these are examples of the different degrees of good. In her conversation with Hachiman, Iroha doesn't hesitate to compliment Yukino, she is someone who is very capable. The thing about this ability is that it can overshadow others. Let's go back to the first season, Yukino took over the position of Vice President of the Organizing Committee of the Cultural Festival under the direction of Sagami. In the end, Yukinon was so competent that Sagami let him do all the work. I don't want to compare Iroha to Sagami, so I'm not going to tell him. It only seemed wise to combine the two situations. Unlike before, Yukino can now accept help and is very different from Sagami. Iroha is not someone who gives up his responsibility. She is someone who can take her mistakes and grow from them.

We talk about different levels of good because everyone has a different level in situations. The planning of the "Prom" is managed by Yukinon, but that doesn't mean that it's the only one that works, everyone does their part. That's how it should be, so that everything goes well, everyone has to do his part of the job. That things are going well is not the same as making things go well thanks to you.

Iroha's mistake was small, but she woke up to the current situation. She relied too much on the work of others. Whoever made this mistake is proof that he is not devoting himself to his work. Now he understands him and sincerely repents and tries to improve. In fact, during filming, we see them more focused and do what they do best, while others take care of what's going on with them.

Final comment

Oregairu 3 Chapter three was an excellent sequel to seeing our characters grow. At the same time, it gives us a break from the upcoming drama that lurks with every step. In addition to the incomparable dance scenes, Hachiman and Yukinon in costumes, beautifully cared for Yui and Iroha's beauty in the foreground, this episode delighted us with Komachi's upcoming entry into high school. There is no doubt that the excitement and calm that prevails after passing an entrance exam has been presented in an excellent manner. Not only from Komachi and Hachiman, but also from Kawasaki and his brother.

Before I close that, I have to say that Yukinon won my heart in two moments. The first was when I stroked the cat on the screen of his phone, it was adorable. The second was his delicate form, hiding the obvious smile that was shaped by Hachiman's compliment. These are moments that are worth their weight in gold. Of course, Yui is left behind, the dance she shared with Hachiman made my heart beat faster. Iroha was obviously the best, although she is characterized by her intense character and her persistence, which borders on coercion. It's nice to see that she's not the type that would really force someone to do something that she really hated.

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Anyway, those were my impressions from this chapter: What do you think about the episode? Which girl do you think looked better for the video? Do you support Hachiman that the little sisters are sacred livelihoods? How will everyone react to Professor Hiratsuka's departure?


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