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Warning! This review on Yahari ore no Seishun love Come on wa Machigatteiru Kan (Oregairu 3) Chapter ten contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 10 Shizuka Hiratsuka gracefully walks forward

Oregairu 3 Chapter 10 begins with the culmination of prom preparations. The big day was finally here and despite the initial discomfort everything went according to plan. In the end, Yukino is able to convey to his mother his desire to follow his father's work. But just as everything ends at the prom, it's time to end the club too. On one final escape, Hachiman encounters Haruno's sword of truths and Shizuka's consolation.

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Let's get this over with

After so many obstacles, excuses, and thousands of rounds, the prom was finally celebrated. Plus, Yukino had a satisfactory victory by finally expressing her wish, regardless of whether it was accepted or not. But none of that was actually the focus of this episode. What was boiling all along was the future conclusion of our main trio's relationship. They have been in the middle of their own storm this entire season, the reason for this is simple, their relationship has reached the point where it has become untenable. It's not that the esteem between them has been lost, on the contrary, it has grown so much that it is no longer possible for them to be the same from the start.

The thing about relationships is that we can't hold onto whoever hurts us simply because it's not healthy. There are many ways in which we can be hurt in a relationship with others, for example by sacrificing ourselves for them. The guys from the volunteer club have achieved just as extreme. While your decision to end your relationship is a little hasty and heavily influenced by an odd label, the truth is that it is not entirely wrong. At this point in history there is nothing left of the club's original configuration. It should be noted, however, that this does not necessarily mean that everything is destined for an inevitable end.

Throughout the episode, we could see that while Hachiman comes to a conclusion that won't satisfy anyone, it isn't the only way to end it all. First and foremost, Yui offers her a way, gives her carte blanche to express her desire, which will intuitively lead her to Hikki and Yukinon expressing their feelings for each other. Iroha does the same and offers him an excuse to prolong the relationship of the three and create the environment to restore their relationship. And finally, both Yui and Yukinon give him the final say on the dissolution of the club. It all comes down to Hachiman's own indecision, unable to overcome his own negativity.

When we ponder everyone's desires, it is pretty obvious that it is not possible that all can be fulfilled. At the same time, there is no reason to assume that everyone was sad and incomplete about it. At least that's what you might think, but not so for Hachiman. He seems trapped in the thought that it is best to end the relationship as it won't be real. Even if you are not fully aware of it, continue to strive for equality. Even with the promise to Yukino in tow, Hikki wouldn't be able to establish a relationship with Yui simply because it wouldn't be real to him. In that sense, the sameness it seems to indicate is the dissolution of any relationship with either.

The premise has not changed, Hachiman continues to flee, his own vision of the end does not convince him, but he does not know how to change lanes. Yui is without a doubt the most conscious of the three, she is absolutely ready to accept the ending and all that it entails as long as they are happy. And finally, Yukino still sticks to his idea of ​​resignation. However, it is easy to filter your feelings through your actions.

She is not committed to this end, if it were she could end everything unilaterally, neither Hachiman nor Yui could force them to be friends. In addition, we "say goodbye" to Hikki, but he cannot really let go, it is he who has to carefully withdraw finger by finger. Despite her apparent bravery, Yukino is an emotional disaster, she is the one least able to accept what is happening and she is also the one who least expresses it in words, but the actions speak for themselves.

Feelings that don't fit into one word

A fundamental part of the whole conflict is rooted in a simple label. Haruno's use of the word code dependency shaped everyone's perception. This is especially true of Hachiman, who can only believe Haruno's words as they are a more advanced version of his own cynicism. From the moment they inserted this word into their relationship, many things lost their original meaning and slowly fell into a spiral of misperceptions.

This is not to say that Haruno is responsible for everything, because in reality all of this was meant to happen sooner or later. It just so happened that his words managed to anticipate the inevitable. Haruno's intervention is not exactly good or acceptable, in fact we can say that it is not something that corresponds to him. But it is inevitable that it interferes, there is a great burden of projection in its actions. She watches herself in Hachiman and makes her decisions personally. Her repetition that neither he nor she can get drunk is proof of this. Haruno knows he is unable to be emotionally involved, he is not someone who can casually get carried away and believes that Hikki is the same. That he will not be overwhelmed by emotions regardless of the circumstances, that he will remain negative and cynical, always rational.

However, Haruno is wrong, and it is true that Hachiman is negative and has qualities that place him on the side of the rational over the emotional. But Hikigaya is not like her, he can get drunk, he has shown that he can interfere emotionally and even move to tears, although it is not typical of him, he can get carried away by the environment and forget. He certainly has a somewhat extravagant philosophy on life, but he is far from the boring sober person that Haruno seems to imply.

Shizuka knows this broader spectrum of emotions and holds out her hand to Hachiman. She is seen through Haruno's twisted mind better than anyone, just like Hachiman's. Because of this, Shizuka gives herself the freedom to open Hikki's eyes. He cannot continue to put everything in a single word because it is incorrect and he knows. The time and memories between the three club members are not a wasted matter. None of this can simply be summed up in one word, certainly not even in a sentence.

It is true that the tag might work on them, but in the end it's just that, one day. Everything you've lived together shouldn't be reduced so pathetically. Seeing your relationship through the worst possible light is not enough to shed light on all that it involves.

Final comment

Oregairu 3 Chapter ten was an extremely fruitful episode for the approaching end. Slowly but surely, we've got the foundations for the end that awaits us. All feelings were exposed, some conveyed more clearly, but everyone was delivered. This week, while not starring, I have to say that Yukino's interventions were brilliant. With just a few details, they managed to make the conflict of their feelings clear to us. The acylation in her movements, the longing in her memories, and even her inability to let Hikki go even when she wasn't consciously doing it. I think a lot of feelings were conveyed this week.

Before I finish, I just want to say that I still can't appreciate Yui. It's not that I don't believe his actions are noble because I actually do. Maybe it's just a matter of attitude; his character makes it impossible for me to appreciate him. It may be the same for Haruno, it's strange that he is constantly looking for her ribs and prefers not to call her properly. At least I can say that while expecting defeat, he knows how to capitalize on his last wishes.

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Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter: What do you think of the episode? Do you think that after so many rounds you will have a happy ending? What will Shizuka's final lesson be for Hachiman?


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