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Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2: The Channel Mermaid

Taking advantage of the fact that Sapphee's sunscreen had run out, she and Glenn went to the Merrow canals to buy supplies. However, if they receive it directly, they will go straight to the area to do other things. Something Sapphee wanted to do from the start.

On their way in the gondola, they meet Lulala Heine, a mermaid who she attracted by suggesting that they sing a song to them for a small fee. As well as praising them, especially Sapphee. Glenn and Sapphee accepted his suggestion and gave him a condition because Dr. Glenn wanted to check him out. The song is interrupted by a sudden coughing fit from Lulala. Glenn had heard enough and wanted to check it out, so go to a place where fewer people come to do it.

While examining Lulala, Glenn notices the inflammation in his throat and the fact that his gills were open, even though he was on the floor where he was supposed to use the respiratory system connected to the lungs. At the end of his review and before he can report the result, a human child nearby falls into the water with a fairly strong current. Lulala goes to save him, makes it, and brings him to the shore, where Glenn manages to get him to respond with first aid. However, Lulala lands on the run and without thinking, Glenn jumps to save her, which he accomplishes with the help of Sapphee.

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2
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The certain encounter

Duarnte Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2 showed us a small scene with the past of Sapphee and Glenn. More precisely with their meeting. Something I confess surprised me when I knew because she was a hostage in the Litbeit family due to the war between monsters and humans. Although her family and Glenns both had businesses together. Which led me to the idea that he was only a "hostage" in name. Something like a contract so that their business relationships are not lost due to the war or possible discrimination against the Sapphee family.

I hope I have expressed myself correctly, but in short, I don't think Sapphee was really a "hostage" to the war. But a way to protect both families. While this may not be entirely true, it may not be as "heroic" as I imagine.

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2
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Anyway, thanks to that, Sapphee got to know Glenn while he was interested in monsters and got curious and decided about his future to want to be a doctor for monsters. Of course, that's just my hypothesis about what happened in during this flashback scene Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2. I hope you will give more details in the future, even if they are available gradually and not in all episodes.

This mermaid is a good girl

Lulala Hiene, a fairly young mermaid who wants to help her family, has gone down in history to build connections with the protagonists. Basically join the harem from Dr. Glenn.

Speaking of ties, when and how did Lulala and Sapphee start a “sister” relationship? At the end of Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2, Sapphee mentions the fact that she sees her as a younger sister, while Lulala already sees her as "no-san". I think they should have given more details on how they ended up, but when I think a lot deeper, I don't think this is indispensable for history. At least not for the time being.

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When I return to Lulala, I have to confess that I like the figure aesthetically because it has a youthful look that is more of a teenager compared to many other characters shown so far. You are an important personality or just to fill between the different amounts.

The seiyuu is responsible for the voice Yukiyo Fujiiwho also did it with a character like: Latifa Fleuranza (Amagi Brilliant Park), Harumi Taniguchi (Citrus), Onna Kishi (Goblin hunter), Kyouko Takimoto (Kimi ni Suizou wo Tabetai), Krulcifer Einfolk (Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut), among other.

In this sense, I am no longer convinced of the tone used for Lulala. Because I personally think it's too childish. Even if she's a young mermaid, the voice only makes me believe if I listen to her with my eyes closed that a girl is the one who speaks. Of course his singing was beautiful. Something I enjoyed because I was wearing headphones at the time without waiting for the song to come suddenly.

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2
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Despite her youthful appearance and youthful voice, Lulala has a reason to work rather “hard”. Something I feel will give you some points in the future regarding your relationship with Dr. Give Glenn.

Monster Musume no Oishasan details - Chapter 2

Within the details it offers Monster Musume no OishasanWhen I specifically spoke about the doctors, I was surprised to learn that there is a possibility that a mermaid will drown. I honestly haven't thought about it in any other series. My general thought was that they were like fish. But Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2 made me think more rationally in a way. And I like that about this series, which makes me think more about the anatomy of monsters.

At the last chapter You mentioned something about Minotaurs and Centaurs. But they didn't give many details compared to the ones mentioned in this episode. Also, they still don't talk much about the Lamias, although one of them is the protagonist of the story. At the moment they only said that it is common to be albino, so they need sunscreen.

As shown for the animation in Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2, I have to confess that I'm less and less convinced of animation CGI they exhibit. Mainly because his appearances seem very obvious and sometimes a little unnecessary. There are times when I think they could have had a good exhibition without the need CGI. Also, I still see strange Sapphees tail animations when I hold objects with them.

Another detail of the animation is the fact that it seems pretty censored to me. And the type of censorship that will not change even with the Blu-ray version. Scenes and moments that could have great potential in terms of fan service and ecchi are not fully exploited. Regardless of the source from which they decided to customize the anime. Mainly in Dr. Glenn's "Reviews".

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2
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The opening and the end also appeared first on Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 2. Of that, I have to say that I liked both musical themes and their respective animations, but if I had to say for either, it would be both for different reasons. I liked the opening song more "Campanella Hibiku Sora by (カ ン パ ネ ラ 響 く 空 で)" from ARCANA PROJECT that the closing song "Yasashisa no Namae (や さ し さ の 名 前)" from Aina Suzuki. However, I liked the final animation better than the opening animation. I don't mean that the other part of it, animation or song, is bad. As well as the one who joins "Campanella Hibiku Sora from"With the final animation you have a perfect synchronization.

As the next chapter progressed, I was excited to see what the meat golem looks like, since I like her clean face much more than that of the other two current heroines, Sapphee and Lulala.


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