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This review on Majo no tabitabi Chapter 3 contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapters, we recommend that you do so and then go back to read the review.

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Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 3: The girl as pretty as a flower / happiness in bottles

Elaina regrets that she decided to walk through the forest and not have flown over it as the density makes it difficult for her to fly with her broom. However, if you leave the forest, you will find a huge and wonderful field of flowers. Which, while guessing from the air, notices a person in the place approaching it. This person was a young girl who claimed to be there for her taste for flowers, but she wasn't the caretaker. All of these flowers were wild. Between her conversations with the girl, Elaina agrees to take a bouquet of flowers to the nearest country and give it to anyone who accepts.

Upon arriving in the country, Elaina is stopped at the entrance by a security guard about the bouquet of flowers she was carrying. The guard's posture was not very comfortable, but he was replaced by another senior guard. Who apologized to the witch for her partner's demeanor. In addition to his request to deliver the bouquet as these flowers are strictly forbidden in this country because they are cursed. When Elaina heard about the curse of flowers and remembered her favorite book, she decided to go back to the flower field the next day. Finding the answer that wouldn't let her sleep the night before.

Elaina continues her journey and is now in a wide meadow. By crossing paths with a young magical user boy who gets his attention. This boy told him what he was doing in that place and what was being kept in the bottle he was holding onto. Well, it contained magic that he had kept that wanted to show the girl that he liked it. Elaina followed him and came to a small village where the chic named Emil was the son of the village chief. To be received at home to accompany them to dinner. The meeting with the maid Emile fell in love with Nino as well as with the village chief and how Nino came to this place even though he came from an eastern country.

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 3
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A flower

Although Elaina is a witch and in previous episodes They showed a little bit about magic. The truth is, I hadn't thought about the risks and dangers it could have. After all, at the beginning I expected this series to have a pretty calm plot with magic in the background. With its uses and appearances, but without being the core. I couldn't have been more wrong.

in the Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 3 showed that Ellaa's adventures will not only reveal happy moments and beautiful places that she visits on her journey. It also has pretty tight situations with not so lucky results. With two stories in this third episode.

The first talks a little about how magic affects not only humans but also flora and fauna. While there is information that is lacking in detail, I might assume that magic affects everyone in general and some specific. For example, the mutation of flowers, which creates a sweet, poisonous nectar that helps them feed themselves.

In all honesty, the unfriendly security guard didn't like me at all because of his attitude. Even if he had a reason to have it. However, I will not deny that I did not expect or wish for him the ending he had with his younger sister.

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 3
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While this story left a pretty sour taste in my mouth, there were things that caught my attention. One of them was the one who Witch Nikeh Talk about the mutation of plants that make them violent. But the main detail that caught my attention was that the sister wrapped the flowers in a piece of her clothing, which at first I thought was the unexpected situation. But after looking at it more than once Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 3 I had to think what if he asked for help like this?

I assume she knew her brother was a guard at the entrance to the country. So he used the witch to give his brother a message about his whereabouts. With the little awareness he still had then. After all, the "curse" of these flowers seems to mesmerize people, so I have no doubt that the same "curse" made him give Elaina the bouquet.

Goodness, beauty and cruelty

Shown in the second story in Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 3, Magic this time it seemed to me that it would show a rather noble side of its use. But knowing a little more about the story, I couldn't help but feel bad. Something I won't know whether or not it happened because of the ending of the same story. However, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

As I mentioned before, Emil's lens initially seemed like a very nice way to show what magic is capable of. Turn emotions into magic. However, this detail was what made me feel bad because even though he was looking for happiness, I could only imagine someone looking for sadness or hatred of magic.

And that wasn't all, in the end, the spark that "got the fire out of control" was nothing but the story that Elaina didn't fully remember. As it shared similarities with what was just happening in Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 3, which you made me believe would have a happy ending. But that wasn't the case at all. Something that made me think Elaina was going to go back and warn Emil or Nino to avoid the same result, but just that Ash witch walked away from the place. Leave the end of the story in intrigue.

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There is one important point in the same story that caught my attention, the existence of slavery. Especially since it corresponded to a country in the east, perhaps even the one Saya comes from. Aside from the fact that there were people who saw it as something normal or others who didn't understand its full meaning, the very existence of slavery adds a more dramatic twist to the plot. Although he's not that involved in the main story yet.

Nino looks pretty young. Personally, I guess he's 14 years old at most. Nevertheless, she seems to have "worked" as a servant for a while. I assume that she has been a slave since childhood. Being bought by a man who had just seen him knew he had the aura of a dirty old man and a pervert.

Of course, slavery may not be that normal, free, or acceptable, but it is an underworld business that is illegal. But that thought made it a little denial when he saw Elina's reaction to Nino being a slave. She didn't seem so upset that slavery was banned around the world.

Details of Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 3

Although I had planned to read the novel with a three or four chapter separation on the anime (in case there was an extremely interesting arc), at the end of the replay I went straight to reading the novel Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 3. Well, after my brain wasn't shocked anymore by what I just saw. I had to read to see if the novel had an ending that was cut off in the adaptation.

After all, I didn't expect them to show such dense moments in this anime at all. Especially so early in the adaptation that we hardly go into the third episode. Even now I can look at the chapter again and am always shocked by the stories and their endings.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get on for a long time as I would have liked because I wanted to read the story of the 'too.Bottled happiness'in the light novel. But it's not an ongoing story about the curse of flowers. Have other chapters between the two stories. However, I was able to notice a few things about customization. First and foremost, my perception that due to the continuity in the times between stories / scenes, everything goes very quickly. Spend months or even years from one to another. This perception is incorrect, but it is also not entirely wrong.

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 3
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The customization had some omissions or changes in details which I think give the impression that it was hasty. But at the end of the day they don't feel that serious. Of course, within the same omissions and / or changes there are details that would add a little more depth to the stories.

For example in 'The girl as pretty as a flowerA little more is mentioned about the "curse" and how it could be linked to the mutation of the same flowers. Besides being a bit more tragic, it's the reunion between the brothers. The adaptation did not lose so much material, however, that this story became the protagonist of a full chapter in the anime.

Perhaps that was one of the main reasons I put aside my plans to read the light novel in time to describe the written stories. To be sure this story had no material to cover an entire episode.

Now I really appreciate something Majo no tabitabi can help contribute to his or her act. I forget my main thought from a quiet story to a story of ups and downs with drama in the stories. In this chapter, I enjoy seeing how Saya managed to pass the test to become Apprentice witchso that my brain can take a roller coaster ride of emotions in the next chapter.


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