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This review on Lapis Re: LiGHTs contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter we recommend that you do it and then go back to read the review.

Chapter 10: Lord Princess

Tiara arrives and is received at her palace, but has to endure criticism from her sister and her servant or housekeeper Anna. Tiara cannot be calm and is lost in melancholy while her friends go after her, first the bureaucratic route and then the magical route. In the end, they infiltrate the mansion, which has too many guards, but due to their magical abilities they manage to avoid various impending dangers. However, they avoid Eliza, who gives them the freedom to hang out with tiara that they encourage. In the end, Chloe says something to Angelica that surprises her.

Chapter Opinion

Again, I wonder if I'm going to watch an anime IdolsIt seems like it is something that is left aside, although they say it when Tiara is trying to express their desires.

I remember mentioning that things were chained and that future events we saw in the past, but now there is a disease that Tiara was suffering from that we hadn't heard of (that she remembers ), and it appears that Eliza is also suffering from an illness. I believe this is related to the tiara the tiara is wearing as it controls the disease and therefore has harmed it itself. Also why Eliza insists that Tiara is a princess and not something else, when in the end this is a theory. The chapter for the rest is developed within the expected.

Unknown world

It starts off a bit because you feel like you are seeing a war anime in a magical world, the soldiers and witches or wizards showing some fear on their faces. It's a bit of a confusing start. I even thought I was watching another anime, then I saw Tiara's face and I knew I wasn't wrong. What role did Eliza and Ray play before? They seemed like a punch as it also looks like the world was engaged in a war against monsters, but they just let us see the sweet side. There is a completely dark context, a completely unknown world.

Behind others

This anime takes up common themes and does not develop any new formulas (except to connect the magical world at least for me Idols), one of those taken is that of the younger sibling who is a follower of the older one. In anime like Full metal alchemist we can appreciate this or something. In this case, the younger sister wants to meet the expectations left by the older sister for whom she wants to be like her. Tiara isn't a bad character, but Eliza makes her mark even when she isn't, and that's because Tiara allows it to be herself. Not being able to be like her sister and being prevented by her sister from fulfilling her "dreams" frustrates her, although the reasons could be deeper.


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