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Chapter 7: "Meeting Over an Apple"

Hanyo no Yashahime complete in their seventh episode the first adventure of the series. Towa and Setsuna have been hunting demons with the Terminators for some time, with the resultant exhaustion for the former who are not used to it. At night one of Kirinmaru's four servants, Kyuki, visits her master to inform him of Tokotsu's death at the hands of Sesshomaru's daughters. It promises to take care of them.

The next day, Towa wakes up alone and sees Setsuna looking down on her. She then made the decision to travel alone to find "the butterfly of dreams". However, he is quickly lost in the forest. There he meets a boy who has also lost his way and says he is looking for the sea. Towa takes him to a stream and offers him an apple; in return he gives her the authentic Kikujumonji katana. However, the sword is stolen and Towa is captured by the Lord who owns it. To make matters worse, Yotsume, Kirinmaru's servant, dresses up and urges the noblewoman to ask the young woman about the 21st century.

Setsuna soon notices that Towa has disappeared. On his way he crosses paths with Moroha and both confront the spirit form of Fubuki, Kyuki's servant. Towa perceives the original form of this demon in the nobleman's house and thanks to this they manage to defeat him and free her from their captors. Yotsume escapes.

Analysis: full circle

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Hanyo no Yashahime has drawn a circular structure that goes from the first to the seventh episode, so it is very predictable that the plot will progress and open a new stage from the eighth episode. With this in mind, it would be interesting to look at the path of these seven deliveries globally.

Certainly, Hanyo no Yashahime made a spectacular appearance in medias res. The first chapter served as the framework for an adventure of the three half-demon princesses and told a final adventure of all the most popular characters in the saga of Inuyasha. From there, the plot focused on the three young protagonists from the start, without breaking away from the previous legacy, and was marked by signs of adventure, action, and mystery. In seven episodes, Towa, Setsuna and Moroha showed a natural connection and attractive, complex personalities. What happens from now on, and takes the turn of the story, is another mystery that is added to the hundreds of questions devouring fans of the previous series.

On the other hand, the chapter itself does not contain any essential keys, but continues to consolidate ideas that have already surfaced before and that are likely to appear later. For example the relationship between Towa and Setsuna. The character of the latter is reserved, but feelings for her sister emerge in her.

New characters, inevitable clashes

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The fate announced by the Tree of Ages involved the three protagonists in the fight against the four servants of Kirinmaru. Tokotsu's death is inevitably a ripple effect and they are now Kyuki's prey. This character has already advanced his intention to create a power greater than his master and to betray him. Beyond that statement, this demon does not leave the most basic stereotype of the universe of InuyashaHe just carries the stereotype of the greedy servant. I doubt an enemy surpasses or equals antagonists the stature of Kagura of the Wind. I see it difficult, difficult ...

Yes, the young pirate - pirate? - and the direction in which his interactions with the three girls might go piqued my curiosity. So far, the story is fantastic without romance and Rumiko Takahashi is out of the picture, so don't jump to the wrong conclusions. This plot can survive without a love theme ... In any case, the character's entrance was elegant. (And yes, servant also believed it was a girl in the opening).


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Hanyo no Yashahime has reintegrated the events of the first chapter with those of the seventh, thus completing the adventure with which the new saga was introduced to us. These first seven chapters have shown a whole declaration of intent; essentially a willingness to unite the legacy of Inuyasha and present three unique young people full of character. They also got us in the circle to throw questions in the air because we don't know what happened to the parents of these three youthful half-demons.

The chapter introduced new characters and strengthened the relationships and bonds between the three protagonists a little more. We will not understand the path of events from the eighth installment immediately, but without a doubt, Hanyo no Yashahime it's worth another week.


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