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Chapter 6: Bad Omen

In Russia, the cold winter witnesses the winner of the sniper battle, Vasili and Ogata. The latter falls ill after experiencing unbearable hardships, insanely insane because his brother was killed in action. Kiroranke opens up to Shiraishi and Asirpa and tells about him and Wilk, Asirpa's father. They rest in the Uilta camp until they leave, where Shiraishi is fired, but he decides to continue to fulfill a promise made by one of the few he trusted.

Chapter Opinion

The chapter was good, learned some interesting things along the way, and completed some subplots. But if you look at it with hindsight, you can see that any subplot they address is halfway through and that they don't develop below the potential they have. The Tsar's death could have been longer, Yuusaku's death could have been more understandable. Every plot feels cut off, as does Vasili and Ogatas Versus, especially in the fact that it is not clear how much time has passed since Kiroranke, Asirpa and Shiraishi have been in the same place since, or it seems like it starts until the sniper starts -Fight ends. This doesn't affect the emotions, but it is something you can see.

Kiroranke and Wilk

Only the handover of chapters will tell us whether they will continue to deal with this subject. At the moment we know that both Kiroranke and Wilk were involved in the tsar's assassination to portray well what it might have been like while playing with historical reality. Kiroranke still sees himself as a villain in explaining his motives, even though he has a valid reason. Maybe it has a purpose that it doesn't say? Their motives are not clear because they have aspects that do not allow them to be seen through. I ask myself: did he really fight and will he fight for the independence of the ethnic minorities in the east? I must add that the beginning of the chapter was very good.

Death strategy

Ogata versus Vasili, it was the confrontation that promised action and tactics, although it had a good solution, but as good as promised. Ogata's strategy was good and he managed to get Vasili to reveal his position. Having snow in your mouth isn't that easy, although it was done to prevent your breath from showing and to spend hours with it in your mouth. But how long can snow hold in your mouth without melting? Because I think that the saliva is also gradually melting him and because of the position it could not hold as much snow, but his delusion came to light due to poor movement. Vasili was a good enemy, but under his skill the trap was easy for him to fall. Anyway, he fought.

Memories of a dead brother

After catching a cold, Ogata falls ill and has delusions with his brother, whom he murdered. It seems that he must have corrupted it on Tsurumi's orders, although he also felt hatred and resentment against his brother Yuusaku for being the family darling, as can be inferred. Ogata may be one of the characters with greater depth, with internal conflicts that he denies. This is why he murders his brother from behind for not accepting his humanity or the minor's compassion. And what better way to prove your point than to kill him? This murder would matter to him not only because he was his brother, but also because he feels that remorse that he didn't think he had. You can tell that he deals with it every day, which is why he is used to it and can therefore continue.

Shiraishi, the best escapist who doesn't escape

Shiraishi is one of the first characters we meet and one of the most popular because she is part of the original trio that started the adventure. He tells Asirpa to flee and explains the reasons, but she refuses to say that she wants to know more about her father. Shiraishi was left behind because it wasn't necessary, but he decides to move on with them because he promised someone that he, I am sure, can call his friend Sugimoto. It's appreciation and admiration, in addition to the affection for Asirpa that keeps him going, not so much for the blondes of Russia.

What gives meaning to the title of the chapter is the final scene where the bone breaks in the symbol of bad luck, but is it Shiraishi? Because he breaks after reaching her, is it up to Sugimoto or someone else like Tsurumi? I am sure that the next chapter will return with Sugimoto's group.

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