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This review on Golden Kamuy 3 contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter, we recommend that you do it and then go back to read the review.

Chapter 4: The harakiri Sugimoto the Immortal

Asirpa and her kidnappers gradually extract information from their father's memories. Sugimoto and the others discover a circus thanks to a robbery they have suffered and decide to take part in order to get Asirpa's attention. Everyone participates and everyone trains, some do better than others and one is jealous of the other. The presentation comes and unexpected things happen, especially when it is Sugimoto's turn, who eventually murders some Russians who chase after the circus owner who is discovered as a spy. In the end, he gives them some pointers that they will follow.

Chapter Opinion

The absurd comedy is back, but this time it's less heavy, it becomes more dynamic, and doesn't resort to much of the portrayal of the bodies (which is nothing wrong, but in chapter two they often misused that). Although the events of each chapter seem independent, they all lead to more clues to find the Ainu Key. This is no exception, which makes me feel like the plot is moving a little slower. The good news is that the chapters on their own are entertaining, patients will have more fun, and the impatient will be bored. But we all know that when Sugimoto and Asirpa meet, the good will come.


At the beginning we meet Asirpa and Kiroranke hunting a musk deer, which is of almost no use, but reminded Asirpa of something about his father, a memory of his childhood that was nailed down. This is a very strong clue or approach because Kiroranke takes a look: You are where I have you, that look is going to be scary. Asirpa does not seem to realize that they are using it, or maybe they are, but not as they would expect to be using it. If Asirpa realized this, she would not tell her memories as she is very suspicious even though she is very innocent in equal doses.

The opportunity to go far

The most influential communication media at the beginning of the 20th century were: the radio and the newspaper (or newspaper), which reached the majority of the population. Sugimoto's bag is stolen with all the tattoos that they have drawn. Koito finds the thief's whereabouts and finds him in a circus. After talking to the owner, Yamada, Sugimoto decides to draw attention to himself and let Asirpa know that he is going after her. This is your opportunity, a simple plan that seems more like an excuse to develop the chapter. The events don't last a day, but longer, which makes me wonder whether they should continue the journey or whether their plan is ok.


Everyone but Koito suffers, and the one who has suffered the most is Tanigaki. This muscular man is crying about not being able to follow the steps, not being able to keep up and just being a nuisance to the girls, but the inspiration came thanks to Beniko Senpaithat gives him wings so he can fly. Another who suffers from this is Sugimoto, who can't stand Koito taking the reflections since he's a born acrobat because he needs to attract attention for Asirpa to recognize him. Tsukishima suffers in silence like a good soldier. This part is the funniest part of everything, especially Tanigaki, Man's Tears. Sugimoto's jealousy will also trigger something that will save his life.

Show and information

The show begins and everything goes according to plan until Koito sees a photo of Tsurumi accusing Sugimoto of changing the wrong sword (who really wants revenge). Sugimoto on his show realizes this and continues until some Russians arrive with the intention of killing him, but he murders them first. From there they learn that the owner was a spy. This is a minimal twist in the plot as in truth I also believed that they chose Sugimoto, that those Russians were friends of Kiroranke or something else. Justo Yamada provides them with information which means that every stop they have is another clue, and it seems that this is going to have some more chapters.

That was chapter four, there wasn't much to comment on, it was more suited to comedy, and that's more to laugh about and enjoy than to complain about. A good chapter, maybe the next one will be emotional, who knows.


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