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This review on decadence contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter, we recommend that you do it and then go back to read the review.


Chapter 11: "Engine"

decadence its penultimate episode begins with the confrontation between Hugin and Natsume, who is saved at the last moment thanks to the alternative avatar of Kaburagi. Outside the huge Gadoll and that decadence Face. However, the monster is superior to the fortress in power and strength.

The center of Solid-Quake is attacked by the "Gadoll" that remains in suspension while it incubates eggs in the eyes. Just before the hatchlings, Munin takes control of Hugin and informs Minato that they will remove the entire environment from the decade to rule out the danger. A countdown to total destruction begins. Minato warns Kaburagi immediately and slips into a plan with Jill: Connect her core to control the decade and have a chance of survival. When he accesses the system, Minato tries to stop him, but is convinced and helps him connect.

Meanwhile, Natsume and the other tankers confront the "Gadolls". She deviates and finds the cyborg's hiding place, which she accepts with a mixture of surprise and enthusiasm.

Analysis: Life makes its way

In this new installment of decadenceThe basic lines for ending the conflict were probably drawn in the next chapter. In addition to preparing this ground, the dialogues Jill and Minato have with Kaburagi stand out. These try to find open solutions to the question that the protagonist had asked himself from the first chapter: What is a mistake?

From the vision of Jill, who reveals herself to be one of the architects of Deca-dence, we analyze the fatal fate of a system that is designed to ignore errors in its society. When Jill equates the "gadoll" with a mistake, she understands that a mistake is a change. And change is inevitable.

Apart from the disgusting aesthetics of the reproduction of the "Gadoll", the message is conveyed to us that life is will and change. Life finds its way under extreme conditions and finds survival mechanisms. The fault in this sense is nature and its impulse. The "gadoll" is nothing but the result of manipulating the natural sequence of events.

Other relevant moments

The episode repeats and partially answers the basic question as we have just seen. Furthermore, when we analyze the details, we find that most of them have already been mentioned in previous reviews, about which there is little left to comment.

However, the physical encounter between Natsume and the cyborgs should be emphasized. Given the initial construction of the series, I initially thought that artificial intelligences do not have a physical body as such, but this fact has been discarded in previous chapters. Either way, the scene reduces the dramatic tension and helps us understand Natsume's process of adapting to reality. Like all of us, the young woman finds cyborgs to be funny and lovable beings.


decadence puts the entire plot on the stage that will solve the last chapter of the series. The most remarkable thing about the episode is undoubtedly that it tries to bring together all the ideas around the concept of "bug" and to answer them from different perspectives.

Eventually, Kaburagi's and Minato's friendship successfully overcomes his friend's spiritual conflict, which is admitted as a new mistake.


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