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Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 1: Matsuri, Suzu and the Ayakashi

During Suzu Kanade enjoying some crepes, a ayakashi He looks like a cat and watches her closely, hiding in a tree. Before the ayakashi could get close to him suzugets caught Matsuri Kazamakia Exorcist Ninja and childhood friend of suzu. to hear the sound of Matsuri with the ayakashi, suzu stops him and takes the "cat" saying his name is Shirogane with her, separation from Matsuri who had to attend a mission, like Exorcist Ninja.

on your mission Matsuri fight against a male spidera ayakashi annoying that attacks people. For his part suzu carries Shirogane to a temple where she starts talking to him about his relationship MatsuriChildhood friends, but over time they have drifted apart, mostly because Matsuri He inherited the family business as an exorcist ninja, so he spent a lot more time training to face that ayakashi.

After hearing the story from suzuand after revealing to her that he is King of the Ayakashi, Shirogane takes its true form to devour. Good suzu is a 'Priestess of the Ayakashi', a person who, because he secretes large amounts of life, is able to see that ayakashi and that attracts her. be a victim in the past. But before he reaches his goal, Matsuri manages to come to the rescue suzuusing a scroll his grandfather had given him to seal Shirogane. However, the scroll is incapable of the 'King of the Ayakashi', and before losing all his power, he managed to cast a spell Matsurichanges his gender to a girl.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 1

Ayakashis and exorcist ninjas

With the beginning of the winter season 2023 comes the premiere of the anime adaptation of the current manga of the big ones Kentarou Yabuki-sensei"Ayakashi triangleβ€œ. I have mentioned on other occasions that I have become an admirer of Yabuki sensei after his work in "to love Ru"So I definitely couldn't pass up this animated adaptation.

So what exactly is the story about? Trying to avoid comparing the adaptation so early in the manga in addition to considering what is shown in Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 1, the plot revolves around two childhood friends being able to see this ayakashi: Matsuri Kazamaki Y Suzu Kanade. To have as a starting point a support for the development of a romantic relationship between the two. Honestly, if I were just reading a synopsis of the story, it wouldn't grab my attention that much as it sounds a bit simple and "repetitive" which won't bring anything new to any of the genres it's mainly about: action, comedy, romance, supernatural Y ecchi.

But I also believe that you always have to give stories a chance to be told and then decide whether they're really worth it or not. Finally, a hidden diamond can always appear. Of course, I honestly don't think this will be Diamond of the Season, mostly because it's a genre anime ecchithe fan service was completely censored.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 1

For now, I'll take a more leisurely approach to customization, hoping to see moments of fan service in each of the episodes, as well as some friction between the protagonists to further their relationship. If there are "deep" or "intense" moments in the plot throughout the season, then I'll take that as an added dessert.


Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 1 introduced the three protagonists of the story: Matsuri Kazamaki, Suzu Kanade and the King Ayakashi, Shirogane. Although I have to admit that each of them has details that remind me of characters from other animes.

Start with suzuthe 'Priestess of the Ayakashi'. Who has a look I remembered from the start Haruna Sairenji ("to love Ru') and with an appetite and 'condition' reminiscent Hana Yurikawa ("Mieruko-chan"). With a cheerful disposition and a bit quite perverted. In addition to an aesthetic design that focuses on the lower part of the body, especially the hips and thighs, I can't deny that it didn't catch my attention.

the seijuu responsible for the trip to suzu is Kana ichinosiswhich has also given characters like: Yuzuriha Ogawa ("dr stone"), Olivia ("mobseka"), Suletta Mercury ("Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo"), Sayu Ogiwara ("Higewo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou."), ichigo ("Darling in the FranXX"), among other.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 1

Matsuri Kamazaki, an exorcist ninja who is oddly able to use wind techniques. And who has evolved from a generic male lead into a potential Waifu for more than one. And without having to enter the category "materialβ€œ. However, his personality showed in Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 1 seemed pretty predictable to me. But that she might have her "moments" as she apparently wasn't ashamed to see her new body as a woman. Though I hope there's no"princess"I'd also like to see scenes where he's ashamed of more intimate and feminine things.

Shouya Chiba is he seijuu responsible for voting Matsuri male. He also gave a vote: Kiyotaka Ayanokouji ("classroom of the elite"), shinei nouzen ("86"), Kotarou Azumi ("Tsuki ga Kirei"), etc. For its part, the voice of Matsuri feminine It is responsible for miyu tomita. Who also contributed their voice to: Miko Iino ("Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai"), Rizu Ogata ("bokuben"), Etc.


to the last, Shiroganethe King Ayakashi. Who totally reminded me of madara ("Natsume Yuujinchou"). Formerly considered a deity, but does not currently have its full powers. With the small, round and fluffy appearance of a cat, but intimidating and scary in its original version. At the moment, he shows a calm and knowing personality. Having his funny moments when he acknowledges that this is a step in the relationship's progression suzu Y Matsuri. But also the annoying moments when it's the one censoring the storyline's fanservice.

the seijuu from Shirogane is genda tesshou. Other of his roles are: kurama ("Naruto"), Kurt von Ruedersdorf ("Youjo Senki"), Captain Tennille ("JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders"), Etc.


Just for clarity, starting with the comparisons of the characters Ayakashi triangle By that of other works I do not mean that they are a copy. They could easily have been an inspiration or a simple coincidence.

Technical details of the Ayakashi triangle

The studio responsible for the animated adaptation of Ayakashi triangle is the study Connect. Established in 2012 and featuring animations like β€œstrike the blood", "Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku", "Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo", "Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism" to name a few. Personally, although I've seen some of the animes in their catalogue, I think the animation quality is a bit unstable. Constantly shifting from "fair" to "good", but not down enough to be considered bad For what I accept, I have a little doubt about the quality in which it will show Ayakashi triangle.

As a big fan of the art style of Yabuki sensei, I lost hope of a faithful adaptation in the same style from the first visual. At the moment I feel that the characters are quite similar to those of the original work (the manga), but they don't look quite like them. In short, I miss you so much XEBEC.

Now back to quality. after seeing Ayakashi triangle – Chapter 1 my doubts remain. Although they showed good quality in that first episode, I think they tried to show "very good" quality and it felt a bit forced at the end. I'll avoid this point in the future unless it's really important.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 1

Regarding the audio section of the anime, I accept that I liked the work they showed. Both in the musicalization, as well as in the sound effects and of course the seiyuus involved in the project.

The opening seemed pretty good specifically for this anime. Although I don't think it will be one of my favourites. The truth is that when I listen with my eyes closed, I automatically imagine that's what it's about Ayakashi triangle. To be a subject that I think is quite representative. Count also on a good animation that includes some "spoiler' (though I don't really think so) about characters or character development.

As for that EndI won't talk about him now. At least until it appears next to the corresponding animation.

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