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Β© γ‚ͺ ダ γƒˆ γƒ’ γƒ’ γƒˆ ・ 小学 逨 / 私立 伊 ζ—¦ 高树

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9: I'm a Country Girl / Video Games / Part-time Work / Something on my face

Students return to class with the calendar marking September 1st. Among them is Inaka Nokoko, a country girl who tries not to notice that she is from the country. So he admires Komi, whom he sees as a complete city girl. To create some misunderstanding about your determination to go in, leave, and re-enter Sabowey. Order was wrong again.

Nakanaka invites Komi to his house, which is accepted. When he arrives and enters Nakanaka's house, the atmosphere is too calm. To keep Komi entertained and to keep her from getting bored, Nakanaka shows her one of the video games she's currently playing. But when he realizes that Komi is a "normal person", he asks Najimi for help and brings Tadano with him. Enjoy the four together in a single game.

Najimi asked Komi and Tadano for help with their part-time job, as she has to deliver 5,000 handkerchiefs by the end of the day. Komi tries resolutely to deliver the handkerchiefs, but fails. Try again and fail again. Until Teshigawara Yoshiko shows up, who really wants a scarf. When people in the area see that Komi is actually delivering handkerchiefs, they queue up to get theirs.

Komi had a dream in which all of her friends had something on their faces that she couldn't know what it was, just as she couldn't warn them about it. The next day, like in his dream, Tadano has something on his face, but he has the same problem again and does not warn him. On the same day, Komi asked Tadano to call her by her name, just as she did Najimi. But Tadano can't out of shame. Something Komi can't either when it's her turn to call Tadano by his name. Just as embarrassed.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9
Β© γ‚ͺ ダ γƒˆ γƒ’ γƒ’ γƒˆ ・ 小学 逨 / 私立 伊 ζ—¦ 高树

Be / be a guest

on Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 9 shows the arch of Komi visiting Nakanaka's house. This is the second time Komi visits a friend's house during the anime, the last time Tadano's house. This time Komi wasn't with Tadano, so she didn't have an "interpreter" to help her in "troubled" situations. Something that concerned not only her, but also Nakanaka, who had not had guests since elementary school.

Something that struck me as strange is that Komi appeared much calmer than Nakanaka during this arc. Which I attribute to Komi's excitement and interest. Besides his personality. While Nakanaka puts pressure on herself on how to treat Komi so she doesn't hate her.

Although his plan to show her the climax of a game didn't seem like a bad idea to me, I feel like he skipped a lot of steps as Nakanaka had no idea at the time if Komi knew about this game and / or was interested. An important point with which he could have started a real conversation with Komi. To get to know each other: hobbies, tastes, hobbies, etc. Something that appears normal from the outside, but would also be nervous in its place.

I still remember the first time I visited a friend's house. The nerves of being in an unknown place. But in contrast to Komi and Nakanaka they at least knew each other to some extent at this point, so it was much easier to play without creating an uncomfortable silence.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9
Β© γ‚ͺ ダ γƒˆ γƒ’ γƒ’ γƒˆ ・ 小学 逨 / 私立 伊 ζ—¦ 高树

That's why I liked the arc, because although it wasn't adapted to my personal case, I find that what both parties felt at the time was well expressed. Of course, I also think that this interaction could be "improved" since Komi was quite calm. At first I thought that like on other occasions, he is shaking and not knowing what to do and / or communicate properly. Though not a bit super over the top. Like when he accidentally hits Tadano in the game. I first imagined this type of interaction between Komi and Nakanaka when they were alone. Komi was nervous trying to communicate / talk to her while Nakanaka was feeling the pressure of having Komi as a guest.

Komi's determination

While Komi's determination is something that has been in every episode of the anime so far, I feel that this one had a bigger impact, mostly because it involved unknown people, with Komi helping Najimi with her part-time job. on previous episodes Komi was determined to talk to her. one of his classmates and then asks him if he would like to be his friend.

This time Komi had to face society in a certain way. With a perfect job to show it off. Technically speaking, there is no need to speak, but the truth is that this and other "field" jobs like distributing brochures require me to be very communicative to get them delivered quickly. Just like they show it with Najimi. Still, Komi didn't give up. Something I believe helped him communicate without having to be verbal.

On the other hand, Komi also showed her determination by visiting Nakanaka's house, since the two would be alone, there would be no Tadano to help her. And Najimi's concern again, where Komi faced the same challenge, to ask for an order. Although it ended with the same result, this time it seemed to me that Komi was much more determined than the first time.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 9
Β© γ‚ͺ ダ γƒˆ γƒ’ γƒ’ γƒˆ ・ 小学 逨 / 私立 伊 ζ—¦ 高树

Right now I'm looking at the progress in the development of Komi-san cannot communicate it goes with very good speed. Refers to both the development of the characters and the plot. I never once felt that they were going too fast and not too slow. Even considering that the episodes don't have a fixed number of "arcs" that are adjusted in this anime, sometimes it's three, others six, or even just two. I think they give everyone reasonable screen time.

The only question I have left is of course how many chapters the anime will have. After all, we're already at it Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 9 is about to premiere Chapter 10but that doesn't seem like an anime that will last 12 episodes. Though I don't feel like they're going to give it a duration 24. However, as the manga progresses and rumors of a possible near end, there may be a chance that they could adapt completely. Komi-san cannot communicate. But these are simple speculations on my part.

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