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Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 7: Pool / Scraping / Library / Park

After he is absolutely sure that everything is ready, Komi arrives at the meeting point and waits for Tadano and Najimi. As they join, they make their way to the pool and are overtaken by Agari, whom Najimi had also invited, as well as Yamai, Sonoda, Onigashima, Chorai and Shinobino. Those who came uninvited were accepted.

At the pool, Yamai helps Kaomi get a new swimsuit before she wears the school suit. After everyone was gathered, they went to the slide, where Komi got in next to Tadano several times, as she pleased. During the day, Komi injured his knee due to an accident. Since he cannot swim in the pool, he asks others to keep having fun. Something they do until they manage to get them entangled with spray guns.

Komi is determined to go to the library, but she gets very nervous. So she is finally accompanied by her father. On the way, they step into a local to eat scraped, this as his father's aim to talk to her about school.

When they arrive at the library, Komi is separated from her father. After finding a book to read, he is now looking for a place. He even tries to go to the counter but fails. Sitting next to a mother and a baby. Who is scared at first to see his gaze, but calms down with Komi's gesture.

On the way home, Komi walks through a park and enjoys the games until she gets tired. Take some water out of the trough. Something Tadano saw, like what was happening in the library, but without saying anything.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 7
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I think the guilt was pretty much present in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 7. First with what happened in the pool and then with the baby in the library. However, I think the library had a much bigger impact on Komi's plot and character development.

Although in this situation I feel that it is extremely difficult not to feel guilty, in a case as specific as Komi's, I can't think of any other scenario where I don't feel guilty that the atmosphere is in the group has changed. Among those who are concerned about their injury, those who think it is time to leave, and those who are concerned about leaving them alone. Something that Tadano ultimately had.

But thanks to this and the conversation they had, Tadano "saved" Komi once again. Reaching him feels more than enough to "save" a lot of people in general. Getting support, no matter how small, can make a difference in your mood. Something that I don't think is unique to the anime world.

For this reason I consider this "salvation" to be well proven. With a Tadano reaching out to 'illuminate' the 'darkness' that Komi was enveloped in because of guilt. Also, in this scene, I feel like there are many more details that don't seem to have a message at first glance, but for me they did. For example the towel that falls on the cans.

I have a feeling that this action could in some ways be viewed as a metaphor. To do this, you must first take into account that anyone can receive from any member of the group. Everything different. But Komi only drank from one of them. Without specifying which. But the fact that Tadano's reaction in choosing her served as a guide was the can he chose for her. Likewise the dress. Now that Tadano was "out of the equation" the other doses represented the other members of the group. And the fact that the towel hid the cans expressed to me that Komi could "forget" them all as long as she has Tadano by her side.

This from a point of trust and not from a romantic one. He was her first boyfriend, after all, and he's the one she developed her bond with the most. As shown in previous episodes in which their friendship begins to understand each other without words.

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In any case, I have only one thing to say about Komi's injury. His hypothetical football career is over.

Komi-san expressions cannot communicate - Chapter 7

With form the plot of Komi-san cannot communicate and the development of the characters does the same, Komi shows more and more freedom. Especially n how it is expressed. Although she was very expressive in her own way from the start (with the changes in her character style based on the Komi cat, for example). Before, I felt like it would have been unthinkable to see her make a "grimace" (smile) to amuse a baby. At one point I believed that even babies would fall under their charms and / or that Komi would have some immunity to them as no direct communication is required.

But without a doubt, the look on Komi's face, the one I loved to see Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 7 was the one who made a joke on his father about how he was doing in school. Not just because it shows Komi's sense of humor. Also because it made me feel like a normal interaction between a father and daughter who get along quite well, although I don't want to deny that I would have liked to have seen, or better "heard", that they were talking. Although its tone was so faint that it was almost imperceptible.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 7
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Finally, another komi phrase worth mentioning is when she's having fun. For example, when you slide down the slide. Something he seems to like in general as he enjoyed the slide in the park too. She had other expressions on her face, such as embarrassment at being seen by Tadano in a bathing suit or when she was holding her breath underwater. But the above are my favorites.

By the way, something that left a lot to be desired in my opinion was the introduction of the "new" characters: Sonoda, Onigashima, Chorai and Shinobino. Technically, they had appeared in other episodes but had never been shown before. If only their names count as a presentation. Especially since she didn't belong to Komi's circle of friends and that could make her even more nervous. Mind you, I liked that you didn't have to ask them to be friends. Let us see the creation of a more "natural" friend.

Fan service at Komi-san Can't communicate

As I commented on in previous episodes, that was Fan service At Komi-san cannot communicate I do not need it. While I don't miss him, I won't deny that he doesn't appreciate his moment. As long as it is well implemented in the story. Which in my opinion fulfills them, since no one has shown underwear yet. Regardless of the gender of the character. Not even in the locker room Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 7. Just as it did not happen when they introduced Najimi and the stranger of her gender. I remember her changing the position of her legs, which makes it seem like you could look under her skirt to check her gender, but she never shows anything. Not even that it was a moment that was censored.

Something that I fully appreciate. Well, for me it was not only the most direct scene to shoot the classic and clichéd “Pachira”, it also saved me from discovering the truth. Although at this point in the act, her real gender is much more obvious. Personally, I will continue to try to relate neutrally to Najimi. You don't have to choose a preset genre, be it "normal" or non-binary. Because if I did, the character would "lose its wits" in my opinion. This unknown is part of his identity. Sometimes he's a man, sometimes a woman, and sometimes he wants to be a Pisces, depending on his convenience.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 7
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Back to the topic of fan service. on Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 7 I think there were two key moments. The most important one is when Komi and Tadano finish their first slide down the slide. More precisely, Komi's position at that time. It's not very explicit, and luckily there weren't any perverts either, but it is what it is. And given Komi's personality, it was pretty Fan service.

The second is with Najimi. Starting with Tadano stopping him when he went to the same place as the girls. Nevertheless, she wore an outfit with a rather “feminine charm”. Of course, I wouldn't have given him 10 points like the other guys, even if my grade had been higher than the one I gave Yamai. I have a feeling that Najimi had more charm than Yamai in this chapter.

And, as expected, the 'ecchi fanservice'came out of the hand of Agari and his nuclear weapons. But since they only appeared as protagonists for a few seconds and Komi drew attention again, I simply forgot about Agari.

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