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Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 5: Summer clothes / Fitness test / Yasai ninniku abra mashimashi carame / It's a blood pact

With the arrival on June 1st, there will also be a change of uniform. Which everyone gets excited after seeing how good it looked on Komi. Some celebrate, others fantasize or simply praise them.

Yadano Makeru takes on Komi again, this time in a fitness test. However, Yadano loses in all tests. So he decides to speak to Komi to thank her for the competition, but in the end he misunderstands Komi. Waiting for an upcoming competition. Getting a new friend / rival.

Najimi and Tadano visit Komi's house and are greeted by their mother, Shuuko Komi, with a pretty similar appearance but a much more active personality. In Komi's room, Najimi uses an excuse to leave the room and watch Komi and Tadano alone. But nothing happens between them. At the end of the day, Najimi shares a photo with Komi that she took when she was leaving her alone.

Komi dreams of going to a ramen shop so she will go with Najimi and Tadano. Agiri joins them and recommends a shop. Introduction to the rules of the place when eating ramen.

When Najimi, Tadano and Komi were talking in the classroom, they were approached by Omoharu Nakanaka, who was with his chuunibyou starts addressing Komi as Princess Komilia. His attempt to conclude a "blood pact" with Komi failed due to a misunderstanding. During physical education class, Komi turns to Nakanaka to be her classmate. get a new friend.

On a rainy day, Tadano was late due to his duties as a class representative. Meeting with Komi at the entrance, who also left. So they've been sharing an umbrella since Najimi took Tadano's.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 5
© オ ダ ト モ ヒ ト ・ 小学 館 / 私立 伊 旦 高校

A short arc with a lot of potential

on Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 5 shows two short bows, the change of uniform and the rainy day. Which in my opinion have their own character development. Especially the latter. In which, when I saw him for the first time, I couldn't help but be a "TIC TacWhat the characters would hold in the future. After all, all that happened during this arc was lifting. 'Flags'.

As for the Uniform Change Scene / Arc, I feel like it's more Fan service. Without the page ecchi. Something I didn't miss at all in the entire anime. And I hope it continues like this. In any case, the uniform change technically had two appearances, with the summer uniform and with the gymnastics uniform. And if I had to choose either one, I would no doubt stick to gymnastics. Komi in a ponytail plus leotard was a destructive combination.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 5
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Characters and personalities in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 5

In this fifth episode, there was more than one new character showing off their own shocking personality, as well as alternate / hidden personalities of characters that have surfaced since then previous episodes. Starting with these characters are the two Agiri and Tadano. While Agiri has a much more serious personality when it comes to food. Tadanos I was very difficult to recognize. That which has a common personality chuunibyou with Nakanaka. However, it was a lot easier for me to see than him. To the point that I interrupted the chapter more than once during this part. To try to prepare to keep watching. Especially with his "Process L".

Now the new characters with their shocking personalities are Omoharu Nakanaka and Shuuko Komi (Komi-san's mother). As mentioned earlier, the personality chuunibyou Nakanaka cannot be missed as it is almost a cliché in any school life genre anime with enough comedy. While I accept that too, the first time I saw her (in the manga) I was surprised to see another character chuuni, since I thought Tadano's dark past would be enough. Even so, I don't feel like I was overdoing it to add another character with eighth grade syndrome.

But Nakanaka, I don't think it just gives comedy to the anime. I also think it adds another touch of drama to the anime. Mainly because of the "consequences" of being different than normal. Something that is in some ways similar to what Komi suffers from. It's not that Nakanaka doesn't want to interact with others, she just can't get along with them. Something I think turned out to be quite good when trying to use the terms themselves chuuni to escape an embarrassing situation if his first attempt at the 'blood pact' fails.

In general, I feel like seeing the personality is much more common chuunibyou for a male character than for a female. As on most occasions, this character comes from a sadder background. Without the need to go to extremes, as if he had the typical heroic past. Mind you, this is not the first female character I see chuuni in the anime the other being Maria Imari ("Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!").

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 5
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Well what the 'eternal teenager from 17', Shuuko ... There really isn't much to say. It's like seeing the other side of Shouko's coin. Every time I see her, it's like finding myself in front of the komi (shouko) of an alternate universe. The one who is totally sociable. In fact, I must confess that if I hadn't introduced her as Shouko's mother, I would have thought that Shuuko was Shouko's idea of ​​how she sees herself in her head when she tries to communicate with others. It was something like her conscience that supported her and gave her the courage to keep trying to communicate.

By the way, if I had to choose between mother or daughter, my choice would be Shouko, the daughter. I like the mother's personality, but I feel like the daughter is in for everything she has shown in her role Komi-san cannot communicate, its charm is much greater. Mainly because of her small gestures, the Komi cat and the hope of hearing her voice again.

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