The manga world in Japan is shrouded in mourning and controversy following the tragic passing of Hinako Ashihara, the creator of the acclaimed work "Sexy Tanaka-san". The author, who expressed dissatisfaction with the live-action adaptation of her manga, pointed out her discontent with the script which, in her opinion, failed to capture the essence of her original narrative.

The situation worsened when Ashihara took to social media to clarify her stance, without directly mentioning Tomoko Aizawa, the screenwriter behind the adaptation. Nonetheless, the series' followers quickly identified the screenwriter and directed their discontent towards her, labeling her as the "destroyer of works".

Social pressure escalated to such an extent that Ashihara felt overwhelmed, eventually apologizing publicly and admitting that the situation had become unmanageable. Unfortunately, the story took a grim turn when the author was found deceased, with a suicide note that hinted at her despair.

Amidst this atmosphere of sorrow, Reiji Miyajima, the author of "Kanojo, Okarishimasu" (Rent A Girlfriend), chose this delicate moment to post an illustration in thanks to the team behind his own live-action adaptation, which, unlike Ashihara's, was met with moderate success.

  • Miyajima expressed his gratitude on social media, highlighting his appreciation for the dissemination of his work through various media and thanking his followers for their enthusiasm and support.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

"I drew this illustration because I suddenly wanted to express my gratitude. There is sad news, but I can only be grateful that everyone knows about my work through any medium possible, and that it excites them! Thank you for your continued support," he wrote on Twitter.

The online community quickly reacted to what they considered a lack of empathy on Miyajima's part, at a time when respect for Ashihara's memory should prevail.

  • The comparison between live-action adaptations and respect for original works became a topic of debate, with opinions highlighting both the successes and failures of such projects.
  • The discussion expanded to the responsibility of screenwriters to maintain fidelity to the works they adapt, and how alterations can negatively impact both the works and their creators.

Source: Otakomu

This incident underscores the complexity of the entertainment industry and the delicate balance between an author's vision and market demands. Reflection on respect for creative integrity and empathy towards those involved becomes imperative. Share this reflection with your friends and encourage a constructive dialogue about the culture we consume and the way we consume it.

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